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"Wings" is a song featured in Barbie of Swan Lake and Barbie Sings! The Princess Movie Collection. It is performed by Leslie Mills.


La la la, la la la la
(La dum, da dum, da)
La la la, la la la la
(La la, la la, la la, la la)

I was living in a fantasy
Waiting for someone to come rescue me
But I've found a way to light the dark
It was always here inside my heart
No more fairytale pretending
I'll make my own happy ending

If I wasn't meant to fly
I wouldn't have these wings
I wouldn't reach up to the sky
Every night in my dreams
There's a voice inside of me
Saying I can do anything
'Cause if I wasn't meant to fly
I wouldn't have these wings

There's a star that's shining down on me
Reflecting everything that I can be
Every journey starts inside my heart
And there's no mountain that's too far
'Cause if I set my mind to it
Whatever it is, I can do it

I wouldn't have these...

Wings to take me farther
Than I ever thought I'd go
Higher than the heavens
'Cause deep inside I know


La la la, la la la la
(La la, la la, la la)
La la la, la la la la



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