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Wenlock is the main antagonist in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. He is voiced by Colin Murdock. Wenlock is an evil warlock who wants to marry a princess. He turns everyone in Princess Annika's kingdom into stone, so Annika has to find a way to save everyone.


When Annika discovers that Brietta is her actual sister, she is shocked and Annika asked what happened. The cloud queen than explains to Annika that it was Brietta's birthday as well when he came. Wenlock appears out of the blue. The king tells him to state his business. But Wenlock tells the king that he was there to marry their daughter. The king yells for the guards, but he freezes them with his wand. Once Wenlock looks up to see a flag with a pegasus, he transform Brietta into one.

Wenlock thinks his power means he can have any girl he wants, so when he wants Annika to be his latest wife, he's surprised when she refuses. He turns all the citizens of Annika's kingdom to stone - including her parents - and tells her that unless she marries him within three days, the spell will become permanent.

His wand (which he actually stole from another sorcerer) makes him invincible, so Annika and Brietta search for the Wand of Light, the only object with the power to defeat him. After Ferris tips him off, Wenlock catches up with them. After the Wand of Light doesn't work when Annika tries to use it to destroy Wenlock, he takes it for himself and buries Annika under huge mounds of snow. When Annika gets the Wand of Light back, it transforms him into an old man. His griffon gets transformed into a scrawny cat and his wives get turned back into human form.

Physical Appearance[]

Wenlock is a tall man in good shape, with dark hair and a goatee. He usually dresses in brown and dark green and is rarely seen without his wand and griffon. His eyes are different colors. One of them is yellow, and the other one is blue. However, when Annika reverses his spells, his appearance changes dramatically. He is a short man (with a combover). His eyes are brown and his wand has been replaced with a paddle. His clothes, while still the same colors, are simpler and less detailed. He has a small mole underneath his cheek


Wenlock stole his wand from a powerful sorcerer and he has used it to threaten people to give him what he wants. Since this seems to work very often, he's developed a bratty personality. Whenever anyone disobeys him or doesn't give him what he wants, he zaps them with his wand, with different results.

It is possible that this part of Wenlock's personality comes from the fact that he's probably got more power than he ever had in his life. He cast a spell on himself to improve his looks (which, like all his spells, was reversed by the Wand of Light). Previously, he was clearly a lot poorer and presumably less attractive. After he saw what he could achieve with magic, he's got piles of gold in his palace. He presumably stuck with it and he has done this for so long. He's used to everything going his way.

A particularly strong aspect of this is the way Wenlock deals with his wives. Whenever they get "too annoying" for him, he turns them into trolls and makes them his servants. They eventually get their human appearances back after Annika reverses his spell on them.


  • His name is a play on the word "warlock".


  • "Chase her? Women chase me."
  • "Oh, smile. You didn't lose a daughter. You've gained a pet."
  • "You'll be back, princess! I'll give you three days, before my spell becomes unbreakable. Marry me by then or they stay like this forever."
  • "Did you really think you could beat me?"
  • "I knew you'd change your mind. They all want me sooner or later."
  • "You're like all my other wives. Annoying.""
  • "Any last words? Hmm, guess not. Bye bye!"
  • "A party? And you didn't invite me?"
  • "I thank my lucky stars I didn't marry you!"
  • "I was a wonderful husband. They were annoying!"
  • "Don't be hasty! We were married once, remember?"
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