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"We Are Family" is the eighth episode of the first season of Barbie: It Takes Two. It was released on Netflix US on April 8, 2022.[2]

Official Description[]

"Brooklyn and Malibu remix trouble into good tunes when unexpected visitors tag along as the duo records their first song."[3]


Epiphany serves Rafa a bruffin at Buddy's Cafe. Malibu and Brooklyn arrive after getting paid for their last side gig. They finally have enough money to pay for their previous recording studio session, and they can afford another session. As their manager, Rafa phones Lyla to ask for a studio session, but there is a power outage at Blown Speaker Studios. It will be 5 hours before the girls can have their session and record "Can't Stop Us". Rafa will be absent since he has a weekend fashion seminar.

Malibu and Brooklyn go to Brooklyn's house before their session. They plan on doing vocal warmups, vocal cooldowns, and vocal rest before recording. Simone asks the girls to babysit Jayla and Jackson. The girls bring the twins to the session. Jayla likes gymnastics and Jackson likes karate, so Brooklyn and Malibu tell them to sit still and be quiet during the session. Lyla introduces Malibu and Brooklyn to Chuck, their engineer. Jayla and Jackson keep being disruptive, so Malibu orders them some food from Buddy's Cafe.

After weeks of planning a surprise visit, Malibu's sisters go to Blown Speaker Studios. They offer to help with the session, but they have to sit and be quiet with the twins. Chelsea finds a plant and names it Roger. The kids keep being disruptive and equipment keeps malfunctioning. Epiphany arrives with snacks and Epiphany helps Lyla and Chuck to fix things in the studio, using Epiphany's unconventional methods. Malibu and Brookyln distract the kids by telling them to go play hide and seek. Rafa phones Malibu and Brooklyn and encourages them to keep recording.

Epiphany tells Lyla that the studio's cords and sockets are Lyla's family, and if Lyla embraces their energy and honors their needs, everything will work in harmony and Lyla's needs will follow. Chelsea is sad after dropping her plant, so Malibu, Brooklyn and Lyla help Chelsea to re-pot it. Malibu and Brooklyn ask the kids to help them record the song, and Chuck is sure it will be a hit.

Featuring the Voices Of[]

Chuck's voice actor is not credited. Kel, Margaret and George are mentioned.


  • Jackson likes karate, so he calls people "sensei". "Sensei" is Japanese for "teacher."