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The Wand of Light is a magical wand in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.

The Cloud Queen described it as possessing the most powerful magic of all, even stronger than Wenlock's dark magic. It is assembled by putting together a Measure of Courage, a Ring of Love, and a Gem of Ice lit by Hope's Eternal Flame. The Wand of Light that Princess Annika built was turned into a star by Cloud Queen Rayla.

Physical Appearance[]

The wand is created by three objects that represent these very aspects; Annika's ribbon becomes a long, crystalline purple staff, which Brietta notes that it's her sister's exact height, representing the Measure of Courage; Aiden's desire to win back his family's fortune is what lit up Hope's Eternal Flame within the Gem of Ice; and finally, Brietta's love for her family transformed her crown into the Ring of Love. When put together, the gem is put on top of the staff with the crown, after being heated to fit around the staff, holding it in place.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Wand of Light has the strongest magic of all. It can destroy and break any curse or dark spell placed on someone and, if the user wishes, it can deprive someone of their powers, no matter how powerful they are. However, the wand will not work if the user's intent is malicious or derived from anger alone. 

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