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Kelly Dream Club

Sparkle Fairy Surprise

Kelly Roberts Dream Club
Kelly and her best friends, Keeya and Chelsie, are pretending to be fairies when Barbie brings them a lemonade stand. They cannot decide how to paint the stand, so they go back to playing. Keeya and Chelsie wish they could be real fairies, so the three friends use their dream lockets to transport themselves to the Land of Sparkle Fairies. They meet a sparkle fairy named Ruby, who tells them they can become sparkle fairies if they go to the Garden of Jewels.

When they get to the garden gate, it is locked because they must solve a riddle from the Stone Fairy tells them to solve a riddle. The trio have different views, like they did when it came to painting the lemonade stand. However, instead of settling with one answer, they use all three opinions. The Stone Fairy unlocks the garden. When they're in the garden, they pick a jewel that they like and it transforms them into sparkle fairies. They thank Ruby for giving them an enjoyable day, and they go back to Kelly's home to build their lemonade stand. They paint it using everyone's ideas, and Barbie and Tommy Carson are their first customers.

Physical Appearance

Kelly Dream Club

In Kelly Dream Club, Kelly has light skin, blue eyes and blond hair. She wears a magical locket on a pink string. The locket is shaped like a heart and has a diamond in it. Her hair is usually styled into full bangs and pigtails with dark pink hair bands. In the opening of the show, she is seen in multiple outfits: A light pink t-shirt, dark pink 3/4 length pants, and dark pink shoes; a sleeveless light pink shirt with dark pink stars, dark pink flared pants and light pink platforms; and a light pink leotard with dark pink accents, with dark pink shoes.

In Sparkle Fairy Surprise, as a sparkle fairy, Kelly wears a knee-length, light pink dress with a dark pink ribbon around the waist. Her shoes are dark pink Mary Jane shoes, and she wears them with light pink socks. When she becomes a sparkle fairy, she has tiara with a diamond in it, a ponytail with a pale blue hair band, and she wears a pale blue dress and shoes. She has translucent wings and a magic wand with a diamond at the end.

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