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Twyla is a character in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. She is a kitten belonging to Princess Genevieve, and she is voiced by Nicole Oliver.


Owned by Princess Genevieve, Twyla first appeared when she was at Genevieve's table place which King Randolph told her to get off. When Genevieve and the other princesses left when Derek arrived, Twyla started eating Genevieve's food.

When Duchess Rowena came to visit to help the girls with their nobility training, Twyla found herself being bullied by Rowena's pet monkey Brutus. Despite attempts to scare him by claiming she was related to tigers from India, Brutus didn't believe this and began intimidating her. While she and the rest of the girls were celebrating Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey's birthday, they were interrupted when Rowena came and scolded the girls for being late and banned their singing and dancing until they learnt to be proper ladies. When the girls discovered a secret passageway, Twyla went with them as they discovered a secret pavilion where the girls spent the night dancing.

The next day, Twyla saw Brutus enter the girls' room to go through their belongings and sleep on a bed. When she attempted to pounce on him, he jumped out of the way and left with the dancing shoes belonging to one of the princesses which had been worn through. When Derek soon came over with new dancing shoes, Twyla trapped his pet parrot Felix in the shoe box which Genevieve told her off about. After the girls had been subjected to Rowena forcing them to do a lot of housework and scolded them for supposedly being the reason why Randolph was sick, Twyla suggested they spend some time in the magic pavilion to give Randolph some time to recover.

After the girls, Twyla, Derek and Felix escaped from the magic pavilion which Rowena attempted to imprison them in, Twyla was with Genevieve, Courtney, Fallon and Ashlyn trap Rowena's manservant Desmond. After Desmond was able to free himself, Felix attempted to warn the others when Brutus got him and started plucking out his feathers until Twyla caught his hand on a mouse trap. Grateful for Twyla rescuing him, Felix called her "Tiger" and the two later attended Genevieve and Derek's wedding.

Physical Appearance

Twyla is a small ginger kitten with green eyes. She believes she descends from Indian tigers. She has white fur around her eyes, nose, mouth, chest, and paws. Twyla wears a little pink bow around her neck. She is small, but she can defend herself.


Twyla enjoys dancing. She tried to scare Brutus, Rowena's monkey, by telling him she was related to the tigers of India, but he wasn't fooled. She disliked Brutus because he antagonized her, but ended up liking Felix. Twyla is also a cute pet kitten to Princess Genevieve and the rest of the family in the kingdom too, because she is calm, cool, smart and collected.


  • "Clear out, Brutus!"
  • "Are you kidding? I come from a long line of ferocious tigers from the deepest jungles in India!"


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