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Trey Reardon is a character in the series Barbie: It Takes Two. He lives in California with his parents Poppy and Whittaker, and they are neighbours with Malibu's family.


Pre-It Takes Two[]

Trey previously appeared in the series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures and the movie Barbie Princess Adventure. Trey and his family are neighbors with the Roberts family in Malibu, California. Their families do not get along due to the Reardons antagonizing the Roberts. Trey used to go to Golden Beach High with Malibu, but she went to New York to do a summer program at Handler Arts Academy. She befriended another girl with the same name as her (Barbie Roberts), and so they nicknamed each other based on where they are from; the Barbie that Trey knew is nicknamed "Malibu", and the other Barbie is nicknamed "Brooklyn". Malibu and Brooklyn became a singing duo named The Barbies.

It Takes Two[]

In "Festival Fiasco", the Roberts enter the annual Chilli Cook-Off at the California Music & Food Festival. The Reardons have won 3 years running. The Reardons drive to the festival early. George puts his secret ingredient blend in a jar, but accidentally leaves it at home. Malibu and Brooklyn are performing at the festival and left after the rest of Malibu's family, so Margaret asks Malibu to go home and get the jar. The Reardons spy on the Roberts and Trey thinks they have no chance of winning without their secret ingredient. Trey gives the Roberts some napkins and says they can use it to dry their tears after they lose. Malibu and Brooklyn get the jar to George in time and he uses it to win the Chilli Cook-Off. Trey is shocked that the Reardons lost. Skipper gives Trey the napkins and says he can dry his tears with them, so he glares at her. The Reardons watch The Barbies perform and Trey can't resist dancing, but he stops when his parents glare at him.

Physical Appearance[]

Trey is a teenage boy with light skin, brown hair and green eyes. He has a chiselled jaw and he considers himself to be handsome. Trey has his hair in a quiff hairstyle. Trey wears a pink polo shirt with a popped collar, brown shorts, and brown loafers. He has sunglasses tucked into his shirt.


Trey is mean to the Roberts family and taunts them regarding the Chilli Cook-Off. Trey is also overconfident and sneaky; he spies on the Roberts and is sure his family will win the Chilli Cook-Off before the recipes are even judged. He enjoys The Barbies' music, but pretends not to when his parents give him a judgemental look.


  • In his previous appearances, Trey was voiced by Eamon Brennan.