The Treetop Village
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Treetop village
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Feature films Barbie in the Nutcracker
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The Treetop Village is a location in Barbie in the Nutcracker. Clara and the Nutcracker visit it halfway through the film, after they are rescued by Major Mint and Captain Candy.


The Treetop Village is situated high above the forest floor and can only be reached by a rope ladder. It is constructed around Parthenia's immense trees, which are so large a whole room can be made inside them.

The village is a refuge for the villagers who lost their homes when the Mouse King's army destroyed them. It is presumably quite large, yet all we see of it during the film are a large platform, in which there is a huge hole where the ladder is dropped, and two rooms. The first room is an office used by the Major and Captain. The second is a bedroom used by the Peppermint Girl and Gingerbread Boy.

The soldiers' office


Clara and the Nutcracker are brought into this room to be interrogated. It is situated inside one of the trees. Several items of furniture appear to be wooden, too; the table, for instance, is made from a tree stump. There are plenty of wooden boxes lying around, too; possibly for carrying supplies. However, there don't appear to be any chairs. The room is lit by at least one oil lamp.

The walls are covered with maps, some smaller than others (the largest one appears to be taller than the men who look at it). There is one on the table which is almost identical to one used by the Mouse King, which is surrounded by pots and cups.



The bedroom used by the two children is similar to Mint and Candy's office in that it is situated inside one of the trees. All we can see of it is a wooden double bed, which the children have to share. There is a light source, presumably an oil lamp.

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