Topaz is a character in the Barbie Fairytopia series. She is the guardian of the Magic Meadow. Her apprentice was Linden.


She was the first guardian who was captured by Laverna. Topaz is the dance teacher of Flance in Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow at the Crystal Palace.

Physical Appearance

Topaz has gold-brown hair, pale skin and amber eyes. She wears a yellow-gold butterfly necklace with a sleeveless chrysanthemum dress along with a yellow belt. Her hair has soft bangs and tied up in a large bun.


Topaz is a joyful and a not-so-serious guardian instead of the other guardians. Topaz can be a little serious at times. When teaching her fairy students, she will praise all fairies even though they wasn't good enough.


  • "Laverna! Laverna? I know you're here! Laverna?"
  • "I'd prefer my freedom, thanks."
  • "You'll never take over Fairytopia! The fairies are all loyal to the Enchantress."
  • "But that's not possible."
  • "The fluffernutters are really very good. What?"
  • "Enchantress!"
  • ("I'm much taller than any of the other guardians.") "It's true, he is."
  • "Welcome to your first lesson in Flance."
  • "Please allow me to demonstrate."
  • "Elina, how about you?"
  • "Please land on the coloured gems as they appear in the sky."
  • "Elina, that was incredible!"
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