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For the character from Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, see Todd (A Fashion Fairytale).

Todd is a character in The Barbie Diaries. He is voiced by Andrew Francis. Todd goes to school with Barbie, who has a crush on him. He is a popular football jock who is in his sophomore year, and his girlfriend was Raquelle.


Todd is Raquelle's boyfriend. He is also Barbie's major crush. After Barbie witnesses Raquelle be chosen as the new school news anchor, she is called out to the school grounds by Kevin, who recorded Todd and Raquelle breaking up on tape. Todd was mad because Raquelle wanted to be seen with him all the time, and Raquelle dumped him because of it. Todd is next seen sitting in front of Barbie's locker, where she has a daydream about asking him out. She snaps out of it when Todd talks to her, and Barbie accidentally drops a book on his nose. She cracks a joke, causing Todd to laugh. He feels better after that.

While Barbie is helping Raquelle out in the news studio, Todd approaches her. Raquelle asks Barbie to shoo Todd away, and Barbie says that Raquelle doesn't want to see him. He then asks Barbie out to the Fall Formal dance, which she gladly accepts. Barbie and her friends watch Todd and his football team practice. Raquelle, in an attempt to make Todd jealous, blows a kiss to another football player. It seems to work, since Todd glances at her. When Raquelle notices Barbie picking out a dress for the formal, she calls Todd. Todd then calls Barbie, informing her that he is back with Raquelle and is taking her to the dance instead, leaving Barbie feeling miserable.

Todd is next seen in the library where he tells Barbie he feels bad about backing out. Barbie believes that Todd is now sending her secret admirer notes, since the note said he would see her in the library. She gets another note that says the boy will see her in the cafeteria, and she sees Todd there. At the formal, Raquelle, who has stolen Barbie's bracelet, gets punch spilled on her dress, then loses the bracelet and falls in a puddle of punch. Enraged, she tells Todd they should leave. Todd says goodbye to her, implying that he still wants to stay at the dance. He approaches Barbie, enthralled by her band's recent onstage performance, and asks her to dance. She accepts, and thanks him for the secret admirer notes. Todd doesn't know what she's talking about, and Barbie realizes that Kevin sent her the notes, and stops dancing with Todd, who is visibly upset.

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