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"Time Will Tell" is the fifth episode of the second season of the animated series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. It was released on Netflix on September 13, 2018.[1]

Official Description[]

"While trying out a new escape room with their friends, Barbie and Ken get separated from the group and wind up on an adventure of their own."[2]


Barbie and Ken skateboard together and then Barbie's friends call her about Double Decker Dare Day. The Double Decker Dare rule is that everyone has to want to do the same dare. Nikki, Teresa and Daisy want to do an escape room, but Renee isn't looking forward to it. Barbie and Ken want to do the escape room, so Renee agrees reluctantly.

The idea of doing an escape room makes Barbie and Ken nostalgic for when they were in 3rd grade and had a "detective agency." Barbie says they were the best 9-year-old detectives in Malibu, and they called themselves the Roberts-Carson Detective Agency. Barbie uses the camper to drive her friends to the escape room. They ask Renee, who has claustrophobia, if she will be okay. Renee is scared but she feels like she has to do the escape room because it's a Double Decker Dare. Teresa says she heard the escape room is the inside of a real time machine built by a mad scientist. Daisy adds that the scientist vanished decades ago and no one has seen him since.

At the escape room, Nikki wants to be on Teresa's team because Teresa is smart. Renee wants to be on Barbie and Ken's team, thinking they will surely escape first because Barbie and Ken work so well together. Daisy says that Barbie and Ken think alike. Barbie emphasizes to the viewer that she and Ken are just best friends and nothing more. Dr. Morton Rise arrives welcomes everyone to the time machine escape room. He closes the door behind him and confiscates everyone's phones. Nikki and Renee start hyperventilating.

Morton says that his great uncle built the time machine and it allegedly works. Morton says his great uncle went time traveling with a scientist he loved, and they agreed to meet at a specific date and location if they got separated. Morton believes they were reunited somewhere in time. Barbie thinks that's romantic. To get out of the escape room, Barbie and her friends must set a grandfather clock to the exact time Morton's great uncle arranged to meet with his beloved. They have one hour to figure out the clues or they will be trapped in the escape room forever. Nikki and Renee hyperventilate again, so Ken reassures them that Morton is just acting.

Barbie's friends find some clues, such as binoculars that make you see double. Ken calls Barbie over and says that, since the story is about 2 people, they might escape the time machine if they set the clock to 2 o'clock. They try it and get separated from everyone else. They end up in a cave with drawings on the walls. Barbie thinks they have time travelled to the past, and the others will let them back in to the escae room if Barbie and Ken find the right clue. The clock hands are missing so they can't set it to another time.

Ken has a theory that this is all a dream. He asks Barbie to pinch his arm hard enough to wake him up, but he's not dreaming so it doesn't work. Barbie hurts Ken when she pinches him, so she laughs and rubs his arm. Barbie tells the viewer that she just did that to be nice. In the escape room, Barbie's friends complete a puzzle, but Renee gets scared and starts running and screaming. Ken tells Barbie he's having fun and it feels like an adventure. He says life is an unpredictable adventure that you should enjoy, and that he learned his optimism from Barbie's "positive attitude changes everything" catchphrase. They look into each other's eyes and feel shy. Ken runs off to find more clues.

Renee is panicking too much, so Daisy says they can go home. They try to leave, but the door they came in through is blocked off by a chalkboard. Barbie and Ken look around the cave and Ken finds an arctic spruce pinecone that hasn't been native to Malibu in thousands of years. They wonder if they have really travelled to the past. Barbie and Ken hear an animal roar and they run away. Barbie trips so Ken holds her hand and they run together. Barbie tells the viewer that "holding someone's hand" is not the same as "holding hands." They find two baskets that fit together to make a heart shape. They conclude that they didn't really time travel because cave-people couldn't have made that. Barbie turns a rock around and sees that it's the speaker where the roar came from. She turns it off and fist bumps Ken.

Barbie's friends think they can use the chalkboard to escape. Barbie finds a hammer inside the baskets. They recognize it from a cave painting. In the painting, the hammer is used to hit a diamond shape on a rock. Barbie hits it twice, and it opens up to reveal a spring snake tin. Ken teases her that at least it wasn't spiders. Barbie finds clock hands in the tin. Ken puts them on the clock and sets the clock to noon. They need to find more clues before they run out of time. Barbie thinks they wont win, but Ken says that's not the Barbie he knows and loves. Barbie smiles at Ken, and he says he meant "appreciate" instead of "love."

Ken says there's nothing he and Barbie can't figure out together. She mentions a mystery they couldn't solve as kids, but they agree that they could have figured it out if they'd have more time. Barbie and Ken look into each other's eyes and Barbie says some things just take time. They feel shy again. Barbie finds a puzzle piece and gets them back to their friends. Ken calls Barbie "brilliant."

Barbie's friends have been using the chalkboard to write down clues they have found. They notice that the number 2 is always part of the clues. Barbie and Ken note that one of their clues was two baskets that each make half of a heart. They make a heart shape with their hands. Barbie figures out that the scientists from Morton's story were a pair of individuals who stood side by side, meaning the correct time is 11:11. Ken compliments Barbie and calls her his "partner." They solve the escape room and Renee says she never wants to do it again. Morton says they did it with 4 minutes to spare, and that Barbie and Ken make a good pair. They reply that they always have and always will. Barbie tells the viewer that she and Ken are "teammates, partners, friends," and then quotes what Ken said about life being an unpredictable adventure.

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