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Tiger is a character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is a duck voiced by Ritesh Rajan. Tiger is a magical creature and she is Rocki's confidant.


Season 1[]

Skate to Me, Barbie[]

Rocki brings Tiger to work with her at the selfie museum. When Brooklyn asks why Rocki has Tiger, Rocki claims it's so she has someone to talk to. However, Rocki plans to have Tiger help her steal Peggy while everyone is attending a roller dance competition. Rocki brings Tiger to outside Ken's house, where Peggy is, and they both use binoculars to look for escape routes.

Rocki uses props at the selfie museum to explain the plan to Tiger. Later, Rocki ends up agreeing to be Malibu's partner for the competition. Tiger watches while Rocki competes. Ken gets asked by Chloe and Ji-soo to take a photo of them with a phone. On the phone, Ken sees a photo of Rocki out of disguise with Chloe and Ji-soo. Ken tries to get his friends' attention. Rocki sees Ken waving and Tiger gestures at Ken. Rocki uses a spell to make Ken forget what he saw, and to make him act like a duck to amuse Tiger.

There Might Be Dragons[]

Rocki makes a new selfie museum exhibit Rocki made where people can take photos having dinner with Tiger. Brooklyn tries to take Chloe and Ji-soo's photo but Tiger is messy. Tiger flies out of the store so Rocki chases him. They see a dragon in the sky. Rocki thinks it is a dragon from her world. Rocki tells Tiger that if the dragon is who she thinks it is, it could "ruin everything." Rocki tells Tiger they must stop the dragon. Rocki orders Tiger to bring the dragon to her. Tiger flies to the dragon and it chases her. Rocki chases them and to the beach. Tiger gets tired and stops flying. Rocki catches Tiger and sees that the dragon was just Blissa, who was transformed into a dragon by a wish Chelsea made. Later, a real dragon appears in the city.

A Selfie to Remember[]

The dragon to the selfie museum and drops a scroll. Tiger picks it up and nods at the dragon. The dragon flies away. Inside the selfie museum, Rocki reads the scroll and begins to panic. She has been summoned by the Glyph council because they know she isn't in Mesmer. Rocki tells Tiger she is in big trouble. Brooklyn notices that the selfie museum brochures feature a photo of Chloe, Ji-soo, and Rocki out of disguise. Brooklyn and Skipper go to find Chloe and Ji-soo to ask them about the photo. Rocki orders Tiger to stop them so they don't figure out she is in the photo.

Tiger follows them to a clothing store. When Tiger is standing still, a woman assumes she is a lifelike object for sale. Tiger growls at the woman. Tiger follows Brooklyn and Skipper to a juice store, where they buy drinks. She tries to grab the photo after Brooklyn puts it down, but Brooklyn picks it up first without noticing Tiger. Tiger follows Brooklyn and Skipper to Malibu park. Brooklyn tries to throw her drink in the trash but it lands on Tiger's head. Tiger follows Brooklyn and Skipper back to the selfie museum and they go to the store room, where Malibu and Ken have found Rocki out of disguise. Rocki does a spell to make everyone forget, then makes everyone leave and locks herself in the store room with Tiger.

Tiny Problems[]

Malibu and Brooklyn confront Rocki at the selfie museum because they have figured out she is the Glyph after Peggy. Rocki shrinks them, puts them in a little house prop, and orders Tiger to guard them. They see a feather from when Peggy was kept prisoner in the little house. While Tiger is asleep, Malibu and Brooklyn try phoning Skipper for help. Later, Brooklyn wishes they had Peggy's magic. She has one of Peggy's feathers in her pocket, so it starts to glow. Malibu takes it and goes to the other feather while Brooklyn distracts Tiger. Malibu wishes for her and Brooklyn to be normal sized again, so Tiger gives up on trying to stop them. Tiger goes to the beach. Rocki has succeeded in tricking Peggy into trusting her. Rocki leaves on a boat with Peggy, and Tiger flies after them.

Lizard Lift-Off[]

Tiger goes to an island with Rocki and Peggy. They follow a magic trail to a cave. Will, an evil wizard lizard, disguises as the Glyph council leader and tries to get Rocki to give him Peggy. He acts peculiar, so Rocki tries to leave. Will imprisons Peggy and orders his dragon to take Rocki. Tiger tries to fly after Rocki, so Will imprisons Tiger too. Rocki promises to come back for Tiger. Malibu, Brooklyn and Ken use Ken's lifeguard boat to go to the island and rescue Peggy. Tiger distracts Will by asking if he has a mirror. When Will goes to find one, Rocki frees Tiger and Peggy. Using Trey's boat, Skipper and Trey also come to the island to find Malibu. Will destroys all of the boats and puts Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey under a spell.

Careful What You Wish For[]

Will wonders why his spell didn't affect Tiger, Rocki, Malibu or Peggy. Will thinks Tiger was unaffected because she is a magical creature. Rocki says if she still had powers, she could fix everything and maybe make a souffle. Tiger gets angry and Rocki clarifies that she wouldn't use duck eggs. Rocki says she feels useless and even Tiger hates her. Rocki and Malibu go to find Will. Malibu leaves Peggy behind for her safety and Rocki leaves Tiger to help Peggy. Rocki and Malibu get captured. Tiger, Peggy, Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey see Malibu being taken away by Will's dragon. Peggy tries to fly after the dragon, but she is too weak. Tiger flies next to Peggy and Brooklyn tells Peggy they will find another way to save Malibu.

Physical Appearance[]

Tiger is magical creature and a duck. She has white feathers and blue eyes. Her beak and feet are orange.


Tiger is obedient and loyal to Rocki. She is hostile to people who oppose Rocki and she growls like a tiger when is angry.


  • Tiger is a female duck but she is voiced by a male actor. Her voice is by Ritesh Rajan, who also voices Ken. Tiger only says "quack", but Rocki and Will can understand what she is really saying.