She's a Shoe Fairy and super-stylist to BarbieTM! The more fabulous her shoes, the stronger her magic is.

Barbie: A Fairy Secret Description

Taylor is a supporting character in Barbie A Fairy Secret. She and her best friend Carrie are Barbie's stylists. Taylor is a Shoe Fairy from a secret fairy city named Gloss Angeles, and she is voiced by Kate Higgins.


Taylor is smart, sweet, and calm.

Physical Appearance

Taylor has light skin, auburn hair which are tied in a loose ponytail all along the movie and gray eyes. She wore a short pink strapless dress with a bow on it, pink beaded necklace and a pair of special pink shoes.


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  • "I can sum it up in one word Tracy..." (Carrie: "Crystal!") "Crystal?"  (Carrie: "Look its Crystal! Lets say hi, its been forever!") "Carrie! I am on camera, Carrie!"
  • ''Barbie! you promised you'd come to me for a touch-up before you go on camera. We stylists are so demanding"
  • "Carrie forget it. We can't give them an excuse after what they saw. Barbie, Raquelle, it's time you learn the fairy secret. Carrie and I are fairies, so were those the other girls. (Raquelle: "Okay...") "You see us all the time, you just don't realize because we keep our wings hidden. We come from Gloss Angeles and we..."
  • (Fitting room attendant: "May I help you?") "Yes, we'd like your best fitting room please".
  • "I am a shoe fairy, the more fabulous my shoes, the stronger my magic. Check these babies".
  • "Barbie! Raquelle! Your wings!"
  • "This isn't stunt. We're real fairies. I'm a Shoe Fairy and Carrie is a Purse Fairy. And Ken is in real danger!" (Barbie"What kind of danger?") "Human can visit Gloss Angeles. But Princess Graciella says she was marrying Ken. And if a human comes to Gloss Angeles, and marries a fairy, that human has to stay in Gloss Angeles forever."
Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Quote: "Forgiveness lets you fly"

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