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Taffy is a character in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase. She is voiced by Chelsea Miller. Taffy is Barbie's puppy. Barbie and her sisters take their puppies to an island so that Chelsea can take part in a dance competition. The sisters lose the puppies and set out to find them.


Taffy and her siblings are owned by Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. Taffy is Barbie's puppy. When the sisters go to an island so Chelsea can compete in a dance competition, they take the puppies with them. On the plane, the puppies get into bags as they prepare for landing.

When they land, an island hostess gives the puppies flowers to wear on their ears. Taffy says that Honey's flower is awesome, and Honey says that Taffy that her pink flower matches her collar. Stacie says the puppies are cute, and Skipper takes a photo of them. Barbie says they are adorable.

Barbie rents a golf cart for transportation, and the puppies get excited to ride in it facing backwards. The puppies look at the beach, and Taffy thinks the ocean is a pool. The puppies get excited. The sisters arrive at the Dancing Horse Festival at Banyan Tree Park, and Barbie lets the puppies out to play.

Honey asks if all horses can dance, but Taffy doesn't know because she's never seen horses before. The puppies copy the horses, and a butterfly lands on Honey's nose. Honey sneezes and the butterfly flies away. They follow it into a horse trailer. The puppies get excited and call the trailer a playground.

Taffy and the puppies play until they are interrupted by Archibald, a show dog who says it is his trailer. Archibald thinks the puppies are loud, but cute. He chats with them and tells them about himself. The horses return to the horse trailer and make friends with the puppies. The puppies ask Spirit to teach them her moves, and she says they are adorable. Spirit and Beauty's mother, Silver, asks how the puppies got into the trailer. Beauty asks if the puppies can stay and play, but Silver says the puppies have to go back to the girls. Before the puppies can leave, the horse trailer starts to get driven away by Vivian and Marco, the horse trainers.

Taffy says they can't leave without the girls, but DJ says it's too fast for them to jump out. Taffy wonders how Barbie will sleep without her. Archibald tells the puppies not to worry, and says the girls will find them tomorrow. He gives the puppies treats, and they settle down to go to sleep. The puppies say good night to Archibald. The animals sleep in the trailer while Marco and Vivian use a tent. They camp at White Sands Campground, a beach where people can surf and snorkel.

The next day, Honey asks if it's tomorrow yet. Archibald says no, it's today. The puppies get confused as Archibald explains what he means. Vivian and Marco discover the puppies are in the trailer, and say they will take care of them until the can reunite with the girls. The puppies bark happily. Vivian and Marco give Taffy and the other puppies bacon and eggs for breakfast. Beauty says Spirit is going to take her for a run, and they invite the puppies along. The puppies are too slow to keep up with the horses, so Taffy suggests they do puppy eyes at Marco, who is riding Silver. Marco gives the puppies a ride.

The puppies play and hula dance. Rookie appears wearing a snorkelling mask. Taffy asks what he's doing, and he says he wants to go surfing. Taffy gets nervous that she will forget how to swim, but Honey tells her to remember what their mother taught them. Taffy races them to the water. The puppies surf, and spot the girls on the beach. Taffy and the puppies reunite with their owners. Vivian and Marco say they will transport the girls and their puppies to Chelsea's dance competition, but they come to a washed out road.

Marco says the girls can use the horses to get over the gap in the road. Barbie gets on Spirit with Taffy. The puppies cheer for the horses as they jump. The girls stay on the horses and come to a crossroads. Barbie picks a random path, which leads them back to Banyan Tree Park instead of the dance competition, meaning Chelsea will miss the competition. Barbie's they had fun finding the puppies, and the puppies say they had fun too. Taffy says it was the best vacation ever.

Barbie figures out how to get to the competition in time, but the host tells Chelsea she is too late. Rookie tells the puppies to do puppy eyes, and the host changes her mind. Chelsea starts to perform, but gets nervous. Beauty joins her to help her out, and Spirit and Barbie join in too. Rookie says he can dance too, and joins in with DJ. Honey and Taffy start dancing too. Taffy tells Archibald to dance with them, and he does. They copy his dance move and call it The Archie. The collaborative dance helps Chelsea to win the competition, and she thanks Honey, DJ, Rookie, Taffy and everyone who helped her. Archibald turns the music back on, and Taffy dances with everyone.

Physical Appearance[]

Taffy is a blonde puppy with brown eyes. She has a black nose, and she wears a light pink collar with silver studs. The island hostess welcomes Taffy by giving her a light pink flower to wear on her ear. Taffy wears the flower with a grass skirt while hula dancing. The grass skirt has yellow flowers around the waist.


Taffy is very excitable and likes to play with the other puppies. She compliments Honey's flower. Taffy is innocent and compares the ocean to a swimming pool. She is also seen chasing her own tail, and is fascinated when she sees a butterfly. She is interested in the beach, and learning the moves that Spirit does at the Dancing Horse Festival. Taffy gets distressed when she is separated from the girls, and worries how Barbie will sleep without her.

Taffy uses puppy eyes if she wants a person to do something for her. At the beach, Taffy worries that she will forget how to swim. After Honey tells Taffy to think about what their mother taught them, Taffy becomes enthusiastic and races the puppies to the water. Taffy likes eating dog treats, and bacon and eggs. She has fun when she surfs and plays on the beach, and says it was the best vacation ever. When Chelsea gets nervous during her dance performance, Taffy helps her by joining in, and she encourages Archibald to dance too.


  • (In the golf cart) "Whee! We get to go backwards!"
  • (In the trailer) "Puppy playground!"
  • (Sees a blender) "Wow. Wonder what this is. Ooh, spinny."
  • (After Archibald talks about his litter mates) "That's a lot of Archibalds."
  • "What's an 'equine?"
  • (To Spirit) "Can you teach us your moves?"
  • "We can't leave without the girls."
  • "Barbie's not here. How's she gonna sleep without me?"
  • "Quick, everybody give him cute puppy eyes."
  • "What if I forget how to swim?"
  • "Last one in's rotten kibble!"
  • (While surfing) "Hey, this is fun!"
  • "Best vacation ever!"
  • (To Archibald) "Come on up and dance with us!"
  • "Let's all do The Archie."


  • According to a promotional video for the movie, Taffy's favorite color is yellow; her favorite game is duck duck goose; and her favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. The description says, "Meet Taffy, Barbie's puppy! She's the runt of the litter, and she's adorably cute! With Taffy, you'll always have a BFF for life!"[1]
  • Rookie nicknames Taffy, "Taff".
  • Taffy also appears in the series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.
  • In Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure and Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase, Taffy is voiced by Chelsea Miller. Taffy is voiced by Kaitlyn McCormick in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. She does not speak in Barbie Dolphin Magic or Barbie Princess Adventure.


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