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The mime is a character in Barbie: It Takes Two. He is the father of Stefan, a mime-in-training at Handler Arts Academy who wants to follow in his father's footsteps.


In "It Takes Two, Malibu and Brooklyn try to make Malibu's parents love New York. They go to Times Square and see the mime, but he makes Malibu's parents uncomfortable.

In "Costumed Capers", Malibu and Brooklyn get a gig as mascots of a costume company. They have to hand out flyers in Times Square. When they try to hand out flyers next to the mime, he gets angry with them and mimes that they are on his turf and should go somewhere else. Brooklyn remarks that he is easier to understand than his son Stefan when he mimes.

In "Race to the Finish", Stefan and his dad, along with many other people, help Malibu and Brooklyn to find Otto Phoenix so they can give him their demo. The Barbies perform for Otto, and Stefan watches the performance with his dad. They are happy for The Barbies when Otto says he will listen to their demo and be in contact.

Physical Appearance[]

The mime has short black hair, brown eyes and light skin. He wears white face makeup, blush, and his top lip is painted black. His costume consists of a black and white striped shirt, black trousers, brown shoes, white gloves, and a red ribbon around his neck.


The mime gets very irritated when people try to work on his corner and distract his viewers.