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Stefan is a character in Barbie: It Takes Two. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Stefan is a mime-in-training who attends Handler Arts Academy. His father is a mime who works in Times Square, and Stefan wants to follow in his father's footsteps.


In "Cut It Out", The Dash wants to make a film for Handler's annual film festival, so Malibu and Brooklyn agree to let him film them. He edits the film in a way that makes them look bad, so Malibu and Brooklyn want him to re-edit it. The Dash refuses to re-edit the film. Stefan mimes that they shouldn't worry about The Dash's movie. Later, when The Dash sees Stefan miming, The Dash misinterprets the miming but feels inspired to re-edit the film in an honest way, and it wins the Audience Choice award.

In "Knock It Off", Stefan is working in Buddy's Cafe with Epiphany. Rafa is bored so he offers to design a costume for Epiphany. Stefan looks at Rafa's designs with Epiphany and he mimes to show his thoughts on them. Epiphany interprets Stefan's mimes correctly and they agree that Rafa's designs don't suit Epiphany. Stefan mimes making a dress for Epiphany and it's perfect for her. Rafa stops trying to compete with Stefan and comes up with a unique design. Epiphany loves it, so Stefan looks sad. She reassures Stefan that she still loves the dress he made and he cheers up.

In "Team No Screens", Epiphany points out that Malibu, Brooklyn, Daisy and Rafa are glued to their phones. They agree to spend 24 hours without their phones and give them to Epiphany. Someone calls Rafa's phone about a festival gig for The Barbies, and he must phone back by 6pm or The Barbies will lose their spot at the festival. Epiphany is sad that she can't call Rafa about it because she has his phone. Stefan overheard Rafa saying he was going to the park. Stefan and Epiphany start searching at the park and go around New York, but can't find Rafa or the others. Stefan tried miming to ask people if they'd seen their friends, but no one understood except Epiphany. After finding out Rafa and the others went camping, Stefan and Epiphany find everyone in the woods. Epiphany gives Rafa his phone and everybody forms a human tower so Rafa can climb them and reach a tree branch to get a phone signal. After securing the gig, everyone goes back to camp to relax.

In "Buddy's Is Booming", Buddy is struggling to pay the rent for his cafe due to low sales. Brooklyn phones Emmie for help. Emmie goes to the cafe and tells her fans she'll be there all day signing autographs and taking selfies. Rafa thinks he overhears Malibu and Brooklyn saying they love Emmie's manager and want a meeting with them. Stefan mimes that Rafa should talk to Malibu and Brooklyn directly instead of assuming they want to replace him. Rafa misunderstands and plans to deliberately be a terrible manager so the girls can fire him without feeling bad. When they run out of pastries for customers, Stefan, Brooklyn and Malibu fail to make more good ones. Stefan is left alone with the dough after Brooklyn adds too much yeast, and it rises immensely. He tries to alert people, but they ignore him because they think he is just miming. Rafa hacks the dough into pieces and invents a pastry called puffins (puffy muffins) that helps to popularize the cafe.

In "Race to the Finish", Stefan and many other people help Malibu and Brooklyn to find Otto Phoenix so they can give him their demo. The Barbies perform for Otto, and Stefan watches the performance with his dad. They are happy for The Barbies when Otto says he will listen to their demo and be in contact.

Physical Appearance[]

Stefan has black hair, brown eyes and light skin. he wears white face makeup, black eye makeup, and blush on his cheeks. His mime costume is a black and white striped shirt, black pants, and white gloves.


Stefan gets irritated when people don't understand what he's miming. He gets along best with Epiphany because she interprets his mimes perfectly.