Stacie Roberts is a character in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. She is Barbie's younger sister and she is voiced by Chantal Strand.


At the beginning of the film, she was steaming mad at her best friend Courtney, so Barbie decided to tell her the story about Liana and Alexa (played by Barbie and Teresa) who thought that too. At the ending of the story, Stacie said she would've hated it if Alexa and Liana didn't make up and asked Barbie and Teresa if Courtney's sorry for what she said. Teresa suggested it was the only way to find out: "What do you think?" she asked Stacie. She said she's sorry for what she said. Barbie suggested Stacie should tell her that and she thought that was a great idea and thanked for telling her the story to help and said bye to Teresa and went off to apologize to Courtney.

Physical Appearance

She wore a purple blouse, dark blue pants, purple closed heels and had her light blonde hair in a ponytail.


Barbie & The Diamond Castle
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Quote: "Friendship is the true treasure."

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