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Stacie's bodyboard is an object in Barbie Dolphin Magic. It is a blue bodyboard with a peach, yellow and magenta geometric design. There is a magenta dolphin on one side.


Stacie and her sisters go to an island to visit their friend Ken during his marine biology internship. Stacie mentions that she wants to go bodyboarding after healing from a sprained ankle. Ken's boss, Marlo, captures the Gemstone Dolphins at her marine research facility, so the dolphins' mermaid friend, Isla, needs help freeing them.

Isla and the dolphins find underwater tunnels in dolphins' enclosure at the facility. Isla comes up with a plan to navigate the tunnels using shells from her magical necklace. The plan is to create a trail of light between two shells from the necklace. Ken gives Stacie the bodyboard in case her leg gets tired, and Stacie uses it to swim to a cave with her sister Barbie.

Stacie floats on the bodyboard while Barbie goes underwater and uses Isla's shell. It creates a current of light and color that Isla and the dolphins follow to escape the facility. Ken arrives on a speedboat and Stacie gets on with her bodyboard.

Barbie and Isla get on the speedboat, and the dolphins swim alongside it as Ken drives the dolphins away from Marlo, who is pursuing them in a helicopter. When the water gets shallow, Isla gets off the boat and swims away with the dolphins. Later, at the beach, Stacie runs to the ocean with her bodyboard. She is excited to finally go bodyboarding because the beach apparently has the best waves in the world.


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