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The speedboat is a vehicle in Barbie Princess Adventure. Teresa drives the speedboat to help Princess Amelia get to her coronation in time. The speedboat belongs to a Floravian man.


Princess Amelia wants to spend a week as a normal girl before she is crowned queen, so she switches places with an identical girl named Barbie. On Amelia's coronation day, she is kidnapped by Prince Johan's men. With Amelia absent, Johan plans to be crowned ruler of both their kingdoms instead of her. Amelia and Barbie are trapped on a yacht until they escape and jump onto the speedboat.

The speedboat is driven by Teresa. Barbie asks her how she got the boat, and Teresa says she is "ride-sharing" with a Floravian man who owns the boat. She owes him a goat in exchange for him letting them use his speedboat. They use the boat to get away from Johan's men, and go to the shore so that Amelia can get to her coronation.

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