Skipper is a character from Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale.


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Skipper in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale.

Skipper and her sisters spend the summer vacation time in Alps, Switzerland. They're will be visiting their aunt Marlene on Alpine Academy. Skipper didn't go outside, instead her sisters is. She is more interesting to write the blog and use her tablet than experiencing it.

Once day, Skipper saw Marlene reads some papers, and she ask to Marlene. Marlene tells her that she may have to sell the academy to Bridgette Cheynet, the mother of Etienne Cheynet and Philippe Cheynet and the owner of École Montagne, if they don't win the tournament, because the academy has too many bills and no riders. And also, Alpine Academy never win the tournament during 11 years. Skipper gets an idea, she and her sisters will be representative themselves to joined each competition in the tournament. Skipper finds Barbie with the Majestiques and encourages her big sister to run for Alpine in the tournament instead of Etienne, but Barbie is reluctant to run in the steeplechase on Majesty in case Philippe finds the Majestiques and hurts them.

In the opening day of the tournament, Skipper joined one competiton and wins. At the dance party, Phillipe sabotages the tournament amd releases Alpine Academy's horses. Skipper, Barbie, and Jonas, a boy from École Montagne search for the horses with Majesty.

Physical Appearance Skipper has light skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and a slim build. A Barbie magazine gives her height as 5'1". She is stated to be a teenager, probably about 14 there is a Driver's Ed poster in her locker).

Physical Appearance

When Skipper arrived at the academy, she wore purple cardigan with dark pink hoodie, blue t-shirt with colorful stripes and silver stars, dark pink leggings, light blue sneakers, and blue bracelets.

For nightwear, Skipper wore a vest with vertical blue and purple stripes, and purple pants with blue stripes, pink polka dots and pink horseshoes on them.

While horseriding, she is seen in her purple jumper with black little stars and pink belt. She also wears black trousers and dark purple boots. Her helmet is purple with pink stripes and two stars on her right side.

During the party, she wears an elegant purple dress with stars printed on it and three silver stars broochs. She also wears silver high heels, silver bracelets, and earrings. Her hair is in a ponytail.

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