The Sliversmith is a character from Barbie as Rapunzel. He lives in King Frederick's Kingdom and is voiced by Dale Wilson. He has a brother that lives in King Wilhelm's Kingdom.


When Rapunzel asks Prince Stefan if he could help locate who crafted her paintbrush, Stefan suggests going to the silversmith. The silversmith admires the details and deduces that it was the work of his brother, who's a silversmith just like him but works over in Wilhelm's kingdom.

But when Rapunzel questions if they could talk to his brother about it, the silversmith explains that he hasn't seen his brother in years--the last time he saw him was sometime before the feud between Frederick and Wilhelm's kingdoms started. When Rapunzel asks why they can't just go over to Wilhelm's kingdom and talk to him in person, Prince Stefan (speaking for the silversmith) explains that no one's really gone back and forth between the two kingdoms since the feud started.

In the end, after Rapunzel and her friends stop Gothel (the one who ultimately started the feud between the kingdoms) and Rapunzel marries Stefan (ultimately uniting their kingdoms), the silversmith is finally reunited with his brother. The two brothers are seen at Rapunzel and Stefan's wedding, standing next to Rapunzel's parents.

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