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Shimmer is a character in Barbie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow. She was the apprentice of Ruby. She represented the color red.


Shimmer is first seen getting her future read by Lumina, the moon fairy. Elina and Bibble come barging into Lumina's dorm without asking, and this makes Shimmer very bratty because her future reading in interrupted by Elina and Bibble. This causes Shimmer to rudely shout at Elina and throw her out of Lumina's dorm without giving her a chance to speak. Near the very end of the movie, she became nice and sweet towards Elina and Bibble right after defeating Laverna and saving the Enchantress while being friends with them both.

She seems to be very big headed and mean. She always gets on Elina's case and makes her feel very bad about herself and plays along with Sunburst's jokes about Elina. She is very good friends with Sunburst and sits with her in most lessons when they are together. But later on after defeating Laverna and freeing the Enchantress, Shimmer becomes sweet and nice to Elina and Bibble.

Physical Appearance

Being a pixie, Shimmer has a vastly different appearance than the rest of the apprentices. Shimmer has a small stature, fair skin, large blue eyes, and a large head. She has magenta hair that is styled into six looped braids. She wears a short purple necklace that is on the top of her long pink necklace. Her pink necklace has a heart locket. Her dress has short pink sleeves, and her top is pink. She has a short blue belt and a magenta skirt with a purple bracelet. As Shimmer is a pixie, she does not have traditional fairy wings. Instead, her braids act as her wings.


Shimmer had a bad first impression of Elina, as she became annoyed with her after she interrupted her fortunetelling session with Lumina. Shimmer has a snarky and somewhat rude personality, being the first to make accusations against Elina after she accidentally freed Laverna. Despite her mean actions towards Elina, Shimmer is shown to be friends with the other apprentices, showing she can be friendly to those she likes. After Elina defeats Laverna once and for all, Shimmer's opinion on her changes, and she is the first to admire Elina's new wings. At the end of the movie, Shimmer offers to help Elina if she ever decides to style her hair in braids for a change.

Powers and Abilities

Shimmer is very good at flance. When the Enchantress is teaching the apprentices, she is very graceful and skilled when doing flance. Although not a fairy power, Shimmer is a skilled fairy ball player. When she, Sunburst and Faban are in the forest playing, she has a good aim and catch.


  • (To Elina and Bibble) "Not interested in having uninvited guests."
  • "It's you that should be sorry! I came in here to have my future read, not listen to yours! Ugh, that's it. Just get out of here."
  • "Of course it's her fault! We're just lucky that the Enchantress wasn't there, or we'd have lost her too!"
  • "We wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for Elina."
  • "If you need anything about braids, come to visit!"


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