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The scooter rider is an incidental character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. He is voiced by Gabe Kunda.


In "When Barbie Met Peggy", Malibu and Brooklyn drive towards the beach with Peggy. Rocki wants to use the scooter ride's scooter to follow the girls. Rocki grabs the scooter rider's helmet and makes a Glyph promise to bring it back. As she makes the promise, some sparkles appear around her. The scooter rider looks taken aback. Rocki drives away and the scooter rider yells that the scooter belongs to his grandmother. Brooklyn wishes to get away from Rocki, so Peggy makes magic goo appear on the road to stop Rocki.

The scooter rider sits on the ground and looks sad while he waits for Rocki to return with his scooter. When she brings it back, the scooter rider is grateful. Rocki says that a Glyph never breaks a promise. The scooter rider is confused about what a Glyph is. Rocki casts a spell to make the scooter rider forget what she was saying. He is disgusted by the goo on his scooter.

Physical Appearance[]

The scooter rider is short, with short dark brown hair, green eyes and brown skin. He wears a dark blue shirt with vertical stripes, a gray top underneath, black pants, and dark blue and white sneakers. While using his scooter, he wears a purple helmet. The helmet has gold stars on it and the helmet visor is green.


The scooter rider is upset when Rocki takes his scooter. He looks surprised when she uses a Glyph promise.


  • (When Rocki takes his scooter) "Oh, come on! No! That's my gram-grams!"
  • Rocki: Here's your dumb scooter.
    • Scooter Rider: You brought it back!
    • Rocki: Duh! I promised, and a Glyph never breaks her promise. We're tricksters, not thieves... although I do see how that could be confusing.
    • Scooter Rider: A... glyph?
    • Rocki: Oop! Oops! Uh, I shouldn't have said that. Forget! (casts spell)
    • Scooter Rider: Uh, what were you saying? And, ew, why is my scooter all sticky?!