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Sandrine is a character in Barbie: The Pearl Princess. She is voiced by Nicki Burke. Sandrine is a mermaid and she works at Salon La Mer as a hair stylist.


Sandrine is very overconfident and a little bit of a sassy girl. She sometimes seems to be rude to people, but she is a good friend. At first she looks a little bit jealous of Lumina, because she can make amazing hairstyles, so she tried to doing the same thing to another customer to prove she could do it, but after Lumina meet Delphin, she said Lumina is the "lucky one".

Physical Appearance[]

Sandrine is a young mermaid with dark brown hair, cream white skin and green eyes. Her mermaid tail is purple and she usually wears the same color clothes.


  • She has a thick Brooklyn-esque accent.
  • Sandrine has a lucky hairbrush, and she doesn't allow anyone to touch it.
  • Mariposa's ponytail hairstyle from the sequel is reused with her and Romy from Barbie and the Secret Door's teaser trailer.
  • Madame Ruckus joked about her being rude to other people by saying that she was "half-barracuda".
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