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Rocki is a character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is voiced by Alex Cazares. She is known as "the Glyph" until she adopts the name Rocki Blinkybulb in the episode "Barbie, You Can Drive My Car". Rocki is the main antagonist in season 1. Rocki is a Glyph from Mesmer who follows Peggy, a wish-granting pegasus, to the human world so she can wish for wings.


Season 1[]

When Barbie Met Peggy[]

Peggy's Mom creates a portal and tells Peggy to go through it. Using fake wings, Rocki follows and yells for Peggy to wait for her because she needs something from her. Peggy lands on a beach and is found by Malibu and Brooklyn. They leave the beach before Rocki arrives. A little boy sees a glowing feather that fell off Peggy and puts it on his sandcastle. Rocki pounces for the feather, destroying the sandcastle. The boy gets upset so Rocki groans and uses magic to build him a bigger sandcastle.

Later, Rocki sees Peggy in Malibu's car. Rocki steals someone's scooter but promises to bring it back. After spotting Rocki chasing them, Brooklyn wishes they could get away from her. Peggy grants Brooklyn's wish and prevents Rocki from following. Rocki returns the scooter. She tells the scooter rider that a Glyph always keeps her promises, then uses a spell to make the scooter rider forget she mentioned being a Glyph.

Finding Home[]

Rocki encounters two girls named Chloe and Ji-soo while searching for Peggy. The girls take a selfie with Rocki and mention a selfie museum. They compliment Rocki's distinct appearance. Rocki uses magic to make the girls forget meeting her and then to disguise her appearance. Malibu wants to ask Rocki about Peggy. Rocki asks Teresa, who works in a pet store, about food for small magical flying horses. Malibu and Brooklyn arrive and ask about the same thing. Rocki uses magic to make Malibu, Brooklyn and Teresa forget.

Rocki recommends Malibu and Brooklyn pet food and wants to help them give it to Peggy, but they leave without her so they can return a phone to Teresa's cousin Alex. Rocki follows Malibu and Brooklyn to Alex's new store, which used to be a Halloween store. Rocki likes a small prop house and is too distracted by it to notice Peggy outside. Rocki mentions a selfie museum, giving Alex an idea for his store. Later, Rocki shrinks herself and uses the small prop house as a home.

Barbie, You Can Drive My Car[]

Rocki wakes up and changes back to her normal size. Alex is surprised to find her in the store because he just opened. Rocki makes up an excuse for being there and Alex offers her a job. When Alex asks for her name, Rocki says it is hard to pronounce. He needs a name for the job application, so Rocki looks around for inspiration. She pretends her name is Rocki Blinkybulb after seeing a prop of a rock and a blinking light bulb.

Alex wants a break from working, so he temporarily leaves Rocki in charge of the selfie museum. He tells her to dust, answer customer questions and has her reluctantly promise to stay in the store until he returns. She is magically prevented from leaving because of her promise. Rocki uses magic to make a feather duster work on its own, but tries to make it stop when customers arrive. She accidentally creates many more feather dusters. Customers assume the dusters are just props. Rocki manages to make the dusters disappear before Alex returns, and then Brooklyn comes by and asks for a job.

Ken One and Ken Two[]

Rocki implies that she doesn't have any friends, but when Brooklyn asks her about it, Rocki pretends that she does. Rocki wants to get invited to the Reardons' housewarming party. Rocki asks Chloe and Ji-soo about friendship. She learns that in order to make friends, she must be nice and have people like her. Rocki helps Trey a lot to prepare for the party, hoping it will make them friends. She is magically prevented from entering his house since Glyphs can't enter homes uninvited. During the party, Trey tells Rocki that it is his parents' party, so they have to be the ones to invite her in. Rocki is surprised because she thought she and Trey had become friends. Trey says he isn't a good friend and thanks Rocki for helping before going back to the party.

Rocki sees another party going on in Ken's backyard. Peggy made clones of Ken as a wish, so Rocki disguises as Ken. She dances with the clones and has fun until Ken sees her eating sushi. He hates sushi so he knows his clone wouldn't do that. Rocki freezes everyone and tries to get to Peggy, but Peggy stops her. When everyone unfreezes, they can't remember what happened. They let Rocki party with them and Rocki is happy to have friends and knows where Peggy lives.


Rocki kidnaps Peggy and shrinks her. Rocki uses the small house she sleeps in to keep Peggy imprisoned. Malibu finds out Peggy is missing and suspects Rocki is responsible. She shows her friends a sketch of Rocki's original appearance and ask around about her. Brooklyn and Ken ask Trey if he saw anything unusual, and he describes seeing Rocki chasing Peggy. In the selfie museum, Rocki puts Peggy in a cage within the small house and says it won't be long until she gets what she wants from Peggy. Rocki tells Peggy she will be her prisoner until Peggy's wings grow, and she won't be free until Rocki gets a wish.

Teresa visits and Rocki hides Peggy behind her back. Teresa shows Rocki the sketch Malibu made and asks if Rocki has seen her, or if anyone strange came by asking about a little horse. Rocki denies everything. After Teresa leaves, Peggy uses magic to heat up the cage Rocki is holding. Rocki drops the cage and it disappears, freeing Peggy. Peggy hides under a prop so Rocki returns Peggy to her normal size. Peggy escapes and Rocki chases her to the beach. Rocki sees Malibu and the others arrive and they find Peggy. Rocki hides and accidentally gets sand in a woman's food while hiding, so the woman gets annoyed. Rocki uses magic to make the woman change her mind.

Skate to Me, Barbie[]

Rocki has a new sidekick, a duck she has named Tiger. She plans to have Tiger help her steal Peggy again while everyone is attending a roller dance competition. Rocki ends up agreeing to be Malibu's partner for the competition. Rocki wants to cheat, but Malibu never cheats. Malibu teaches Rocki how to skate and Brooklyn suggests that Rocki might win the competition. Rocki says she has never won anything before. Trey makes fun of her, so Rocki retorts. Brooklyn and Malibu stop them from arguing. During the competition, Rocki badly wants to beat Trey.

Rocki keeps trying to cheat using magic, but Malibu stops her. After seeing Rocki use magic, Malibu realizes Rocki is the girl who has been after Peggy. Malibu is upset because she thought she and Rocki were friends. Rocki says they can still be friends and does a powerful "mega forget" spell on Malibu. Malibu forgets their routine and even her own name. Rocki mentions cheating again and the word "cheat" makes Malibu remember most things. They lose the competition, and Malibu still can't remember that Rocki has been after Peggy.

There Might Be Dragons[]

Rocki makes a new exhibit for the selfie museum where customers can pose having dinner with Tiger. Tiger makes a mess and Brooklyn refers to Tiger as a "pet". Rocki says Tiger is her confidant, not a pet. Tiger flies outside and Rocki runs after her, leaving Brooklyn alone in the store. Rocki sees a dragon in the sky. She thinks it is a dragon from her world. Rocki tells Tiger that if the dragon is who she thinks it is, it could "ruin everything." Rocki tells Tiger they must stop the dragon. They catch up to the dragon at the beach, and it turns out to be Blissa, who was transformed into a dragon by a wish Chelsea made. Later, a real dragon appears in the city.

A Real Page Turner[]

Malibu finds information online about a book on Mesmer, a magical land with pegasus horses. Rocki overhears Malibu mentioning the book to Brooklyn. Rocki tells Tiger that her plan will be ruined if Malibu and Brooklyn find the book and send Peggy back to Mesmer. Rocki follows Malibu and Brooklyn to the library and they get the book before her. They meet the author of the book, Dru Charles, who says Glyphs can be tricky, have a certain level of their own magic, and don't get along with pegasus horses. She adds that Glyphs cannot grow their own wings; instead, they must earn them. Malibu and Brooklyn don't think Peggy is safe with Rocki chasing her, so Malibu asks how to get Peggy back to Mesmer. Dru is unsure.

Rocki returns to the selfie museum and is shocked to see Elvy, a magical creature. Elvy recognizes that Rocki is a Glyph. Rocki freezes everyone, but her magic doesn't work on animals or Elvy. Elvy teleports Rocki to the Dreamhouse backyard and everyone unfreezes at the selfie museum. Rocki sees Peggy, but Skipper stops Rocki from doing anything. Rocki pretends to be innocent and does a forgetting spell on Skipper. Peggy stomps and repels Rocki with a blast of magic. Rocki runs away and Skipper wonders what happened, but finds Rocki suspicious. Elvy reads from the book, which says to beware the Glyph.

A Selfie to Remember[]

Rocki gets contacted by the Glyph council. She has to do a contact spell to communicate with them from Earth, so she waits until after sunset so it will work better. Rocki takes her disguise off and makes multiple attempts to do the spell in the selfie museum store room. Malibu finds Rocki so Rocki does a forgetting spell on her. Malibu comes back so Rocki does a stronger spell. When Malibu returns for a third time, this time with Ken, Brooklyn and Skipper, Rocki does her "mega forget" spell on them. Rocki makes them leave and locks the door. Right as Rocki gives up on the spell, it works and the Glyph council leader says they have a lot to discuss.

Tiny Problems[]

The Glyph council leader informs Rocki that Peggy is on a mission and Rocki is interfering with powerful forces that she doesn't understand. The leader instructs Rocki to go back to where she arrived on Earth, do a "reveal" spell, and then the leader will handle the rest and give Rocki wings. To convince Peggy to listen to Rocki, Rocki is instructed to tell Peggy that she is "the key" Peggy has been waiting for. Rocki makes a "Glyph promise" that she will. The leader says if Rocki wants wings, she has to make a "super Glyph promise", which is even harder to break. Rocki reluctantly promises not to rest until Peggy is under the leader's control. The leader says Rocki will be forgiven for leaving Mesmer if Rocki brings her Peggy. After their discussion, the "leader" is revealed to be Will the wizard lizard in disguise.

Malibu and Brooklyn confront Rocki. They have figured out she is the Glyph after Peggy, so Rocki's forget spell doesn't work on them anymore. Rocki shrinks them and goes to find Peggy. At the Dreamhouse, Rocki tricks Skipper into thinking she is filming a reality show about DJs. Rocki goes to the beach with Skipper and Peggy. While Skipper is distracted filming for the show, Malibu and Brooklyn manage to get back to normal size and find Rocki and Peggy at the beach. Malibu sees Rocki chasing Peggy, but she saves Poppy from drowning instead. Rocki does a spell to reveal a boat. Rocki tells Peggy she is "the key". Malibu, Brooklyn, Skipper and Trey see Rocki and Peggy floating away on the boat, and Tiger flies after them.

Lizard Lift-Off[]

Rocki doesn't know where the boat is heading, since it is moving on its own. She hopes she and Peggy can be friends after they both get what they want. Malibu, Brooklyn and Ken follow on Ken's lifeguard boat. Rocki uses magic to make Ken's boat run out of gas. At the island, Rocki gets rid of her disguise. They follow a magic trail to a cave and meet Will disguised as the Glyph council leader. Will acts peculiar while in disguise, so Rocki tries to leave. Rocki recognizes Will because she heard the council banished him from Mesmer. Like Rocki, Will wants Peggy's first wish after her wings appear. Will says that would be the most powerful wish of all. Rocki wants wings without having to earn them. Will wants to use the wish to get revenge on the Glyph council, all of Mesmer and the world.

Will invites Rocki to join him since he knows Rocki has her own reasons to get revenge on the citizens of Mesmer. Rocki asks how he heard anything about her past. Will retracts the offer when Rocki tries to free Peggy. He orders his dragon to take Rocki and captures Tiger. Rocki promises to come back for her. Rocki uses her backpack wings to get away from the dragon and lands on a tree. Malibu, Brooklyn and Ken find Rocki, who explains that she and Peggy were tricked into coming to the island. Rocki says all of Mesmer is going to be destroyed and it is her fault. She bursts into tears. Malibu's group offers to help Rocki down. Rocki is surprised they would help her after all she has done to them. Brooklyn says they will have a serious talk about what Rocki has done, but now they need her help finding Peggy.

Rocki says they need to save Peggy before Will can use her wish. Rocki swears on "Glyph's honor" that she won't use the wish for herself, especially not to harm her beloved home of Mesmer. Rocki admits she just wanted to be cool so the other Glyphs would like her. Rocki and Brooklyn find Peggy while Malibu and Ken distract the dragon. Rocki frees Peggy and Tiger, and protects Peggy. Peggy gets her wings and Will destroys Rocki and Ken's boats. Rocki broke her super Glyph promise to Will, so he gets her powers. The real Glyph council leader arrives with Skipper and Trey. The leader protects everyone from Will and then leaves. Will destroys Trey's boat and puts Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey under a spell.

Careful What You Wish For[]

Will's spell allows him to see Brooklyn, Skipper, Ken and Trey's dreams while they remain still like statues in real life. Rocki feels helpless without her powers, but Malibu says there is always something they can do. Rocki suggests using Peggy's wish to get her powers back. Malibu and Peggy don't like Rocki's idea, and Malibu says they have to save the wish. Rocki says she feels useless. Malibu tells Rocki that everyone has something to contribute. Malibu asks if there is a way they can call the Glyph council for help. Rocki tells Peggy how to do a contact spell, and Peggy uses it to see Will viewing the dreams.

Rocki and Malibu go find Will and leave Peggy behind for her safety. Malibu asks Rocki if she will try to steal Peggy's wish again once they get off the island. Rocki says there is no point because the Glyph council will never let her back into Mesmer, and she wouldn't want to go back without wings because the cool Glyphs all have wings. Malibu considers the citizens of Mesmer to be shallow if they wouldn't like Rocki just because she is different. Rocki says Mesmer is great, but she is "really different" from everyone else. Malibu tells Rocki not to worry about fitting in and find a way to embrace the good in herself.

Rocki and Malibu find Will. He knows that Malibu's name is Barbie, but he doesn't know Rocki's name because she is insignificant to him. Rocki tries to stop him from hurting her friends, but Will puts her in a magic bubble. The dragon hits the bubble with his tail and it bounces away. He also captures Malibu to trap Peggy into coming to him. Will makes a wish on Peggy's wings for a way to get off the island and gets his own wings, and then Will and his dragon escape with Malibu.

Physical Appearance[]

Rocki is a Glyph, a type of magical creature. She has has a petite body type, light skin, purple eyes and long colorful hair. She has a pointy nose. Before disguising herself, her hair is in pigtails. The left half is pink and blue and the right half is purple and pink. She has black eyeshadow and pink lipstick on. Rocki wears a purple dress. The collar of the dress is light purple with a pink star on it. The chest of the dress is fishnet with silver stars on it, and the rest of the torso is bright purple. The skirt of the dress is purple. She wears this with blue leggings, silver sandals, and a purple and blue backpack. Her style is admired by multiple characters. While trying to fly after Peggy, she uses fake yellow and red wings attached to her backpack. When she steals the scooter rider's scooter, she wears his purple helmet. The helmet has gold stars on it and the helmet visor is green. When Rocki earns her wings, a pair of purple wings appears on both legs.

When Rocki disguises herself, her hair is blue with purple streaks at the front, in a high ponytail with a purple hair tie. Her outfit is an animal print blue dress with short pink sleeves and a light purple collar. She wears this with black shorts, and blue and white slip-on shoes. When she goes to sleep in the selfie museum, she changes her size to become small like a doll. In "Ken One and Ken Two", she temporarily disguises herself as Ken. When she roller-skates in "Skate to Me, Barbie", she wears a pink helmet and white and red skates. While on a boat, Rocki wears a blue, pink purple life jacket.


Rocki is brash and bold. Desperate for wings, Rocki risks banishment for leaving Mesmer and follows Peggy to Earth hoping she can wish for wings. Rocki is also desperate to have friends and fit in with the other Glyphs. Rocki is not familiar with earthly things. Rocki starts off inconsiderate and insecure, but she becomes sefless and protective of others, makes friends on Earth, and earns her long-awaited wings.


As a Glyph, Rocki is magically prevented from breaking promises or entering buildings she hasn't been invited into. Rocki use magic to make people freeze in time. She can make people forget things if she says "forget." If she says "mega forget", the spell is so powerful that it can make someone forget who they are. She snaps her fingers when she uses magic. She can use magic to change her appearance, whether it's her hair and outfit, her size (or someone else's), or disguising as another person (but her voice doesn't change). Rocki can also make objects appear and work on their own, and reveal things that are hidden.

In addition, Rocki can use her magic to fix things, create magic barriers, and change people's minds to make them have an opposite opinion. She can also melt solids and make someone think they are an animal. Rocki can't use magic on something from a long distance, and her magic does not work on animals or Elvies. She can do a contact spell to speak to the Glyph council in Mesmer from Earth. Rocki can also make objects disappear and prevent someone else from using magic. Rocki loses her powers to Will after breaking their "super Glyph" promise, which is even harder to break than a regular Glyph promise.


  • In "Ken One and Ken Two", Rocki says her new favorite food is sushi.