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Renee Chao is a character in Barbie: Princess Adventure. She is voiced by Stephanie Sheh. Renee is a high school student who lives in Malibu. Princess Amelia invites Barbie, Renee and their friends to go on a free field trip to Floravia.


Renee is a student at Golden Beach High. She is friends with Barbie, who is identical to Amelia, a foreign princess from Floravia. Amelia arranges for Barbie, Renee and their friends to stay at her palace for a week. Renee didn't know who Amelia was, but she was excited to go on the field trip to Floravia. Renee and the others fly to Floravia. On the plane, she asks Ken if she can have his window seat because she is uncomfortable in closed spaces.

Renee and her friends are taken to the palace in a limo. She says it reminds her of a spy scenario. Renee asks why there are paparazzi around, and the limo driver says that they want to take photos of Amelia. Renee sneaks out of the limo when they arrive and pretends to be a spy. She also gets reminded of spies when she's told that the place Amelia lives in the palace is off-limits.

Barbie meets Amelia and agrees to switch places with her for a week so Amelia can experience a normal life before becoming queen. Barbie tells Renee and their other friends, and Renee agrees not to reveal it to anyone until Barbie and Amelia switch back. Renee thinks that Barbie pretending to be the princess will be fun.

Barbie's first event as Amelia is a pre-coronation party. Renee and her friends go to the party, and Renee pretends she's a spy again. She almost gets in trouble for taking a platter of food. Barbie's appearance as Amelia is enough to get Renee out of trouble without saying anything. Barbie meets Prince Johan, who knows Amelia. She doesn't know what to say to him, so Renee helps Barbie to get away from him. Renee says the party was fun, except for when they were mobbed by paparazzi.

The next day, Renee goes shopping in Floravia with her friends. She gets excited to ride a scooter because it reminds her of spy movies, and says she's always wanted to ride one. She buys new pajamas while she's shopping. Renee and her friends later have a surprise slumber party for Barbie. Renee and the others hear something, and notice that Amelia's pet rabbit Snowy is trying to get their attention. They look inside the wardrobe Snowy is in and see it has a secret passageway in it. Renee wants to stay behind because she is scared of small, dark spaces, but her friends make her come along. Renee is scared and says she doesn't want to be a spy anymore. Snowy leads them to Amelia's secret hangout room.

Renee and her friends overhear Johan's guards, and figure out that Amelia is in trouble. She was kidnapped by Johan's guards so that she would miss her coronation, and Johan could become the ruler of Floravia. Renee and her friends plan to split up to search the city for Amelia. Renee says it's scary being a real spy. Barbie gets separated from them and attaches her personalized necklace to Morning Star, Amelia's horse. Morning Star alerts Renee and the others that Barbie is in trouble. Barbie and Amelia are both trapped on Johan's yacht.

Teresa and Nikki get Barbie and Amelia off the yacht. As Barbie and Amelia race to the coronation on Morning Star, Renee and Daisy team up. They use scooters to stop Johan's men from getting to Barbie and Amelia. Amelia gets to her coronation in time, and she is crowned queen. Renee and the others take a group selfie and celebrates with everyone.

Physical Appearance[]

Renee is a tall Chinese-American teenage girl. She has long dark hair with side bangs, brown eyes and pale skin. She usually wears a sleeveless white top, red pants, high-top sneakers, a studded wristband, and a silver beanie hat. For a sleepover, Renee wears a purple crown with a light purple nightdress. The dress has a picture of a dog with sunglasses. She also wears blue slippers. For the yacht party and coronation, Renee wears a white top that says "Dream" on it in blue text, a purple skirt, and white and blue sneakers. She wears this with a pink choker necklace. Renee also wears a pink crown at the coronation.


Renee is sporty, eccentric and sociable. She likes skateboarding and shopping. Renee loves the idea of being a spy, and she talks about it often. However, she is scared easily, and she doesn't like small, dark spaces or closed spaces (claustrophobia). Renee is a supportive friend to Barbie, and she helps Barbie when she pretends to be Amelia.


  • (On the plane) "Oh, uh, can I have the window Ken? You know how I am in closed spaces."
  • "A cool limo, an exotic land, all that's missing is a government agent on a secret mission."
  • (When Taffy secretly comes on the field trip) "Now, that's a secret agent pup."
  • (Exiting the limo in Floravia) "I feel like I'm in a spy movie. Do I look like I'm a spy? How 'bout now?"
  • (When Nikki mentions Amelia's style) "Okay, uh, can we go back to the [Barbie] "taking her place" part, 'cause that sounds more fun than crazy!"
  • "I'm pretending we're undercover, keeping a huge secret."
  • (After the yacht party) "That was so much fun! Well, except for maybe the getting mobbed by paparazzi part, but even that was kinda cool!"
  • (Picking a scooter) "I've always wanted to ride one of these things... go on an exciting chase like they do in spy movies!"
  • "Why is being a spy so much more scary when it's real?"


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