Queen Marissa of Paladia is a character in Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the monarch ruling over the kingdom of Paladia, and she is voiced by Kate Fisher.


Marissa is the mother of Princess Rosella, and they were separated for ten years after Rosella was shipwrecked on an island. When Rosella was brought back to civilization by Prince Antonio, the prince of Apollonia, a neighboring kingdom of Paladia, Marissa came to the Apollonia to attend his wedding to Princess Luciana, who he was betrothed to. Marissa and Rosella were reunited while they were both in the kingdom. Meanwhile, Rosella and Antonio had fallen in love, and were soon married, so Antonio became Marissa's son-in-law.


Marissa's personality is similar to Rosella's. She is kind, loving towards animals, and talented when it comes to singing.

Physical Appearance

Queen Marissa has green eyes and rosy lips. She also wears pink eye shadow, and wears her hair up in a high up-do. Marissa wears a light green dress with long wide sleeves and a white skirt with golden trim. Her eyes are similar to Rosella's.


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  • (After hears that Ro is named Rosella: Your name is Rosella?) (Rosella responds): Uh yes.
  • (Queen Marissa:I... I Had a daughter named Rosella) (And Rosella begins to sing the lullaby: Right Here in My Arms and both are singing it Queen Marissa is now happy to see her long lost daughter.)
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Quote: "There may be miracles awaiting. They may be closer than we know. When we have love to guide us as we go"

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