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Queen Marabella is a character in Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends and Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. She is the queen of Flutterfield, and she has a son named Carlos. Marabella is voiced by Jane Barr.


Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends[]

Flutterfield was cut off from the rest of Fairytopia because of the Skeezites. Skeezites hate light so Marabella, who wasn't a queen at that time, filled the trees with beautiful glowing flowers, and the light would never go out as long as she lived. The butterfly fairies were so grateful to her that they made her their Queen. Eventually, she had a son named Carlos. A fairy named Henna became her servant and her "loyal" friend. But one day, she gave Ilios poison to Queen Marabella, so she might take the throne.

The Queen had only 2 days to live if not cured, and if she died, the lights of Flutterfield would go out. Unfortunately, only her son, Prince Carlos, believed that she was poisoned by Ilios. The other fairies thought it didn't exist.

Luckily, before Prince Carlos was locked up for his safety, he gave a map to a fairy named Mariposa that would help her find the antidote for Ilios. Mariposa, Rayna, and Rayla found the flower antidote and returned in time to Flutterfield to heal her.

Mariposa & the Fairy Princess[]

Marabella allows Mariposa to work in the Royal Library as the Royal Historian. She sends Zee to get Mariposa to tell Mariposa she wants to discuss something urgent immediately.

When Mariposa arrives, she asked her what Mariposa knows about Crystal Fairies. Mariposa explains everything she knows, but Lord Gastrous tells her she hasn't told them everything like that Crystal Fairies is mean and horrible, and they are the enemies of the Butterfly Fairies.

Mariposa disagrees, and Lord Gastrous claimed she is not as knowledgeable as she thinks, but Mariposa defends herself by saying that all the fairytales about Crystal Fairies are not true. She says the history books about Crystal Fairies are more accurate, and everything should be based on them.

This makes Queen Marabella agree with Mariposa and she appointed her as the Royal Ambassador to make peace with the Crystal fairies and learn more about them. After Mariposa was successful, King Regellius was invited to Flutterfield to meet Queen Marabella.

The King greets her formally, but suddenly, he remembered that "Hey!" with an arm wave is respectful in Flutterfield. Or so Catania said to protect Mariposa, but in Flutterfield, it was okay. The Queen did not mind because she was kind. So he did the same as Mariposa did, and this shocked the Queen. Marabella thought it was how Shimmervale people greet each other, and she replied to the King the same way.

Queen Marabella received a beautiful crystal necklace from King Regellius and, she stated, "It's even more beautiful than Mariposa described." King Regellius asked if she would like to dance, and she agreed.

Personality and Appearance[]

Queen Marabella is heard talking only at the end of the first movie after she was healed. Like every queen/fairy or supporter of Barbie Movies, she has a quiet and wise personality. She has an elegant appearance, with blue eyes and honey blonde hair tied in a bun. She wears a long blue dress, a blue butterfly necklace and a crown. In the sequel Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess her hair color is strawberry blonde like Mariposa's.

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