Queen Danielle is a character in Barbie as The Island Princess. She is the queen of Apollonia, and she rules it with her husband, King Peter. She has a pet monkey named Tallulah, and she is voiced by Patricia Drake.

Official Description

"Queen Danielle wants her son Antonio to settle down and get married. She loves fussing over her pet monkey, Tallulah!"


Less judgmental and more caring than her husband, King Peter, Queen Danielle isn't quick to judge Ro unlike King Peter who despises the girl not only because of her extraordinary gift, but the Queen is unsure of what to think of her but would still rather have her son, Antonio marry Princess Luciana instead of the girl he's in love with (Ro) and even though she didn't like it when King Peter despises Ro she still loves her husband.

When Tallulah gets sick she dislikes Ro, since she thinks she spread the sleeping sickness (Which she didn't). She also seems a bit unsure of the arranged marriage between Antonio and Luciana, and tries to be kind to Ro. In the end of the movie she is the first one to allow Antonio to be with Ro meaning she cares a lot for Antonio's happiness.

Physical Appearance

Queen Danielle is a brunette with light skin and light blue eyes.


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