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For the Barbie The Princess & the Popstar character, see Duchess Amelia.

Queen Amelia is a character in Barbie Princess Adventure. She is voiced by Erica Lindbeck and her singing voice is provided by Jordyn Kane. As princess of Floravia, Amelia becomes tired of being forced to have a perfect image. She invites Barbie, a regular girl who is identical to her, to Floravia so that they can switch places for a week before Amelia becomes queen.


Amelia is almost 18 and is going to be crowned queen of Floravia soon. She will be the youngest ruler ever. She has a complicated schedule and her life is controlled by the people around her. She has millions of followers online and is photographed constantly. One day, while doing a photoshoot with her personal horse, Morning Star, it starts to rain. Staff rush to cover Amelia with umbrellas, even though she and Morning Star love the rain.

Amelia's royal adviser, Alfonso, tells her that she can't get wet because she's a princess--not a normal person--and the world holds her to a higher standard. Amelia wishes that people would see her for who she really is. She asks when Alfonso will allow her to make her own decisions instead of having them made for her, but he doesn't think she is ready.

Amelia watches a music video by Barbie, a normal high school student and vlogger in Malibu. Barbie looks identical to Amelia, so Amelia plans to meet Barbie so they can switch places for a week, and Amelia can experience life as a normal girl before she becomes queen.

Amelia invites Barbie and her friends to come to Floravia for free as part of a Malibu-Floravia Cultural Exchange. Barbie and her friends are not allowed to go to the west wing where Amelia is. Barbie's dog Taffy chases Amelia's rabbit Snowy, and Barbie follows Taffy to Amelia's secret hangout room.

Alfonso apologises on behalf of Barbie for interrupting Amelia, but Amelia asks for them to be left alone. Amelia tells Barbie that she wishes Alfonso would trust her to be independent and have fun. She wanted to freely express her opinions and know if people wanted to see her real, uncontrolled personality. Amelia and Barbie agree to switch places for the week and keep it a secret until they reveal it in a vlog post. A member of staff, Reggie, is eavesdropping nearby.

Amelia sneaks out the palace in casual clothes to live as a normal girl. Reggie stops her, but she seems to fool him into believing she is Barbie. Barbie goes to Prince Johan's yacht party in Amelia's place. After Amelia is crowned the queen, Floravia and Johanistan will become one.

Alfonso figures out that Amelia is missing because he sees Barbie wearing a personalized necklace of her own name. Alfonso plans to find Amelia and tells Barbie to keep pretending to be Amelia till he finds her. Barbie phones Amelia and tells her that Alfonso is looking for her, but Amelia is confident that he won't find her. Amelia reassures Barbie that she will be back in time for her coronation.

As part of Amelia's busy schedule, Barbie participates in a royal horse show in Amelia's place. Barbie tries to tell Alfonso that Amelia needs more freedom, but he insists that he is protecting Amelia by restricting her. Later, Amelia and Barbie talk on the phone about their day. Amelia tells Barbie about how much fun she had spoken and acting freely. Finally, Barbie interviews Amelia for her vlog.

On coronation day, Johan wants to stop Amelia from appearing so that he can be crowned ruler of Floravia in her place, so he arranges for Amelia to be kidnapped, and she gets trapped on his yacht. Barbie finds her, and Amelia tells her that she never liked Johan. Amelia regrets switching places because of the situation they've ended up in, but Barbie comforts her and says Amelia taught her to stay true to herself. Amelia tells her that she also showed her that who she is as a person makes a difference.

Amelia and Barbie manage to escape, and Morning Star takes them to the coronation before Johan can be crowned king. Amelia becomes the queen of Floravia, and everyone celebrates. Amelia tells Alfonso that she wants to start a royal vlog that she will write and produce by herself, so she can speak directly to her people. Amelia later goes to Malibu to film a vlog with Barbie.

Physical Appearance

Amelia is a teenage girl with light skin, blue eyes, and long, wavy blonde hair. She is identical to Barbie. Amelia has bright pink eye shadow and dark pink lipstick on. Nikki describes Amelia as a "fashion icon."

While doing a photoshoot, Amelia wears a silver tiara, a pink sleeveless top with frills on the collar, a blue skirt with bright silver stars on it, a bright pink band around her waist, and pink sneakers with white laces and soles.

When Amelia dresses like a normal girl, she wears less makeup and has a high ponytail. She wears a bright pink top with sleeves that go down her elbow and a sparkling white unicorn with a red, orange, yellow, green, and blue mane and horn on it, distressed greyish-blue jeans, and white sneakers.

At her coronation, Amelia has pink eye shadow and pink lipstick on. As queen, she has a big silver crown with pink gems on it. She wears a light aqua-colored dress that says "Love Love Love" in pink and yellow writing. There is a silver broadband around her waist. She wears a dress with bright pink sneakers.


Amelia loves cute animals and she is often accompanied by her rabbit, Snowy. She is graceful and makes her busy schedule look effortless. Amelia grew weary of being controlled all the time and decided to switch places with Barbie, so she can get to know what it is like to be real and free. Amelia felt like she didn't know what her real personality was because of her royal lifestyle, but spending a week being independent allowed her to find herself. She is a popular, fashionable girl who wants to have fun and be goofy like a regular teenager. At the end of the film, Amelia feels confident and sees life as an adventure after experiencing freedom. She found her voice, her inspiration being Barbie. She likes all flavors of ice cream.


  • "For once it would be so great to just let the world see me as me."
  • "Alfonso, I'm almost 18. I'm about to be a queen. You've trained me so well. When are you gonna let me make my own decisions?"
  • (After Alfonso leaves and Barbie asks if he is always that stubborn) "He means well, but I just wish, for once, he would trust me. Let me make my own mistakes."
  • "The world loves my image, but is that image really me?"
  • "Pretty much every picture you see online has been planned out, staged, retouched... I never get to post pictures of me just hanging out, looking goofy."
  • "I'm so grateful [for my life]... but it's a lot of pressure, too. So many times I feel I'm just playing a role for the cameras... and the real Amelia? No one knows her. Not even me."
  • "I so desperately wanna scream out, 'I have opinions, too!' but Alfonso won't let me. He thinks no one wants to know the real me... and I need to know if he's right."
  • (To Barbie) "I can give you the eyes and ears of the world if you'd give me the chance to experience life without them."
  • "I'm really good at hiding."
  • "Every word I say is scripted and controlled, but not today. Today I was just me. The real me! And people liked me. I even got to choose my own flavor of ice cream. It was so liberating! I just wish I could share this feeling with everyone."
  • "For the first time in my life, I feel I can share the real me. I learned I am so much more than what people see in my photos. I have opinions and dreams, and fears, like you. And my favorite scoop of ice cream? All of them."
  • "There was a time I thought I couldn't do this [be queen], but not anymore. I am ready to be your queen, if you will have me."
  • "It is my dream to make Floravia the best country it can be, by being the best queen I can be. My new friend Barbie showed me my dream is possible. She made a difference in my life, and now I know how to make a difference in many more. You are such an inspiration, Barbie. Thank you."


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