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Principal Miller is a character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie: Princess Adventure, and Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is the principal of Golden Beach High school.


Dreamhouse Adventures[]

Principal Miller first appears in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts!

Princess Adventure[]

In Floravia, Amelia is going to be crowned queen but she wants to experience a normal life first. She notices Barbie online and sees that they look alike. Amelia and Principal Miller arrange the first ever Malibu-Floravia Cultural Exchange so that Amelia can meet Barbie and switch places with her for a week. Principal Miller announces the field trip during an assembly, and tells Barbie and her friends that they have been chosen. Principal Miller accompanies the students on the trip, and they get to stay at the palace for a week. Principal Miller meets Alfonso, Amelia's royal adviser. Principal Miller thinks Alfonso is handsome. At the royal horse show, Principal Miller and Alfonso smile and wave to each other, and they dance together at Amelia's coronation.

Physical Appearance[]

Principal Miller is a Black woman with short, straight black hair, dark skin and brown eyes. She has dark lipstick on, and she wears glasses. She wears a pale green top with a gray jacket and skirt. In Princess Adventure, when she goes to Floravia, she wears a pale green top with a pale purple jacket and printed skirt.


Principal Miller is friendly. In Princess Adventure, she is enthusiastic about the field trip to Floravia.


Princess Adventure[]

  • (At school assembly) "Settle, settle. I have some news. Huge news, in fact, so I'm just gonna dive in. [giggles] Golden Beach High has been selected to participate in the first ever Malibu-Floravia Cultural Exchange."
  • (After the Dudes ask what Floravia is) "Remind me to have a chat with our Geography department."
  • "Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, Floravia has offered to host a delegation of our students to an all-expenses paid dream trip. Accompanied by your's truly, of course."
  • "And the final student who will be going on this adventure of a lifetime is... Barbie Roberts! Congratulations! You're going to Floravia!"
  • (After Alfonso asks everyone to follow him) "You heard the handsome man! What are you waiting for?"