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For the Barbie Presents Thumbelina character, see Olivia.

Princess Olivia is a character in Barbie in Rock 'n Royals. She is voiced by Kira Tozer. Olivia attends Camp Royalty.


Olivia was mean to Erika from their first interaction, when she trips over Erika's guitar case. During sing-off rehearsals, Olivia upsets Erika by implying that she’s a diva for singing louder than everyone else during the chorus, and calling her a one-hit wonder. Erika leaves, angry and upset, but overhears Clive say that he has bribed a judge for the sing-off, meaning Camp Royalty will definitely win. The losing camp would have to close, and so Erika tells Olivia and the other campers and they agree to work together.


Olivia is initially self-centered, bossy, and careless. However, she becomes more humble as time goes on.

Physical Appearance[]

Olivia has dark blonde hair in a bun, brown eyes, and light skin. She wears a tiara with red jewels, red lipstick, a red dress and red shoes.


  • "You can solo all you want at Camp Pop, but at Camp Royalty, we do things as an ensemble. The whole point is to blend in, not stand out!"
  • "Ugh, uncultured show-offs."
  • "Perhaps we are not the problem."
  • "Cut! What, may I ask, was that?"
  • "Could you please remove whatever that is? It's completely in my way!"
  • "What kind of kingdom allows its royalty to dress like that?"


  • Olivia is the strongest soprano in the Camp Royalty choir.
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