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Princess Odette is the main protagonist in Barbie of Swan Lake. She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan. Odette is a baker who finds the magical forest and is turned into a swan by Rothbart. With her friends, she tried to save the Enchanted Forest and she broke the spell.


Odette was a poor young girl. She was the youngest daughter of a baker. She is the entire opposite of her brave, courageous eldest sister Marie, Odette is shy and uncertain. She loves to dance and her father says she is a wonderful dancer. He suggests she go to the village dances with Marie, but she doesn't want people staring at her. She wears blue/White dress with gray high heels in the bakery.

One day, a unicorn appears in the village and escapes many villagers who were trying to hunt her. Odette follows her and discovers an enchanted forest, separated from the rest of the world by a waterfall and a magical portal. The unicorn opens the entrance with her horn, and Odette follows her in. There, she finds the unicorn caught on a branch with a rope on her neck. Odette goes to her and tries to help the unicorn, but she is shocked to discover that she can speak. Looking around for something to cut the rope, Odette sees something shining in a tree hollow. She approaches the tree and grabs a pink crystal, using it to cut the rope.

When the unicorn gets released free, the Fairy Queen of the forest appears and tells Odette that because she freed the magic crystal, she is the one who can save the Enchanted Forest, which was invaded by Rothbart, an evil wizard. Odette is unsure and gives the crystal back to the Fairy Queen. Lila, the unicorn, escorts her back home and on the way, she tells Odette about Rothbart. Suddenly, two giant birds appear in front of them. The large raven is Rothbart and the small crow is Odile, his daughter. Rothbart turns Odette into a swan. He soon tries to destroy her, but thanks to the crystal, she is safe. After he and Odile leave, Odette asks the Queen to turn her back, the Queen says her magic is not as it once was and will only be able to counter the spell partly, at night she will be human but during the day, she'll be a swan. She decides to break the spell, the Queen says that the Book of Forest Lore has the answer to breaking the curse, but only the bearer of the crystal can open it. Rothbart later sends the handsome Prince Daniel to kill Odette, but Daniel spares her after being bewildered by her beauty. When Odette turns into a human, she and Daniel fall in love. She tells him why she is here and explains her curse, suddenly Rothbart appears and reveals his plan he then tries to transform Daniel but Odette blocks the spell with her crown. Rothbart demands Odette to give him the crown but Daniel fires an arrow, which gets turned to ash. Rothbart almost hits them with another spell but after hearing his daughter calling for help twice, he leaves.

Daniel asks Odette to show him around and she shows him Swan Lake, the elves bring a feast and Odette is given a new dress from the bouquet and soon the couple dances all night. As dawn approaches, Daniel asks Odette and her friends to come to the castle. but Odette cannot as she has to protect the forest, Daniel says he'll stay and help stop Rothbart but Odette tells Daniel he's no match for Rothbart, not even his army could stop him. Daniel does ask Odette to the ball and while hesitant, she agrees but only if he tells her family that she is all right. That night, Erazmus finds the book and brings it to them (as it turns out he was siting on it). The Crown unlocks the book and it is revealed that Crystal's Magic will vanquish Rothbart if someone pledges their unconditional love to the barrer of the crystal. Carlita also reads that if that person pledges their love to someone else, the Magic Crystal will lose its power. It is decided that Odette must go to the ball tomorrow, but Odette is unsure because she's never been to a ball and she is only a girl from the village. The Fairy Queen however sees more in Odette and to help she gives Odette a swan like dress. The elves all help Odette practice dancing, first Ivan does an excitable jig, next Carlita and Laina do a salsa version of a ballet, and finally the Fairy Queen and Odette do a ballet number together which everyone joins in on. However Rothbart shows up and kidnaps Erazmus who has the Book of Forest Lore, Odette will not give up and they all go to Rothbart's palace to rescue him.


Odette is sweet, kind, gentle, shy, and unsure, but she saves Prince Daniel when Rothbart attacks him. As the movie progresses, her confidence improves. Eventually, in the end, she turns out to be a brave girl after she defeated Rothbart. Despite her timid nature, Odette is a loving, selfless and compassionate woman who will sacrifice her own life to save her friends.

Physical Appearance[]

Odette is a teenage girl with light skin, deep blue eyes, and long blonde hair, which she initially had partially pulled back. When she was transformed into an adult swan, Odette had white feathers, a golden beak, and blue eyes. Odette mainly wore a white and blue dress with blue heels. The blue part of the torso had spirals printed on it.

She wears a light pink gown when she had dinner with Prince Daniel. Her swan dress is soft blue, pink, and white with layers to resemble feathers. For the ballet version of the previous dress, Odette's top is still the same, but her skirt is knee-length. She wears pink ballet shoes.


  • "Wait! Please, you have the wrong girl. I can't be the one. I haven't overcome anybody in my life."
  • "I'm not brave like you."
  • "I have to find a way to break this spell."
  • "I don't know why, but somehow, I'm connected to the Magic Crystal. I need to stay here to help them. I will break the spell somehow."
  • "A friend once told me, you're braver than you think."

Differences from the source material[]

  • Odette was based on the ballet story, but there are some changes from the ballet story for the film.
    • In the ballet, Odette is a princess by birth, not marriage. In the Barbie film, she is a baker's daughter before she marries the Prince. She is, however, a princess by birth in Barbie in The Pink Shoes.
    • In the ballet, Odette's dress color is white, not blue and pink.
    • In the ballet, Odette was kidnapped and brought to the lake by Von Rothbart against her will. The lake was then formed by her mother's tears. In the Barbie film, Odette discovers the Enchanted Forest when she willingly follows Lila the unicorn out of the village.
    • In the ballet, the enchanted lake is not kept in a secret place in the forest that nobody can access without magic.
    • In the ballet, it is never explained why Von Rothbart has kidnapped and enchanted Odette. In the Barbie film, Rothbart's motive for enchanting Odette is because he knows she is a threat to him after she releases the Magic Crystal.
    • In the ballet, Odette is able to resume her human form after dark in accordance with Von Rothbart's spell. In the Barbie film, she is able to become a human at sunset after the Fairy Queen counters Rothbart's spell, which permanently traps Odette in swan form before the Fairy Queen intercedes.
    • In the ballet, Von Rothbart is only seen in human form once when he attends the ball with his daughter, Odile. For the rest of the ballet, he is seen in the guise of a giant black owl.
    • In the ballet, the Prince's name was Siegfried, not Daniel. He is, however, named Siegfried in Barbie in The Pink Shoes.
    • In the ballet, Siegfried has two close companions - his best friend, Benno and his tutor, Wolfgang. In the Barbie film, Daniel only has one close companion called Reggie.
    • Prince Siegfried is the first lead character to appear in the ballet, not Odette, and he is introduced in Act 1 when he is celebrating his 21st birthday with his friends. However, everything is interrupted and almost ruined by his mother when she arrives to remind him of a ball, at which he must pick a bride. In the Barbie version, the Queen also nearly ruins Prince Daniel's fun and games with her reminder of the ball except Daniel is introduced while practicing archery instead of celebrating his birthday.
    • In the ballet, Prince Siegfried goes on a hunt to the forest with Benno and a group of hunters after Benno spots a flock of swans flying over the castle. When arriving at the enchanted lake, they are separated and Siegfried, left alone, nearly shoots one of the swans until it suddenly transforms into the beautiful Odette. He instantly falls in love with her. In the Barbie film, Daniel is also out hunting on his own and discovers the Enchanted Forest after Rothbart deliberately lures him there, hoping that Daniel will kill Odette so that Rothbart can obtain the Magic Crystal. Daniel aims at Odette as she flies through the air but cannot bring himself to shoot her because she is so beautiful, allowing her to land on time for her to return to her human form.
    • Odette's companions in the ballet are swan-maidens. There are no fairy queens, unicorns, or elves and it is also noted that Rothbart does not have a cousin.
    • In the ballet, Siegfried attempts to shoot Von Rothbart dead, but Odette stops him because if Von Rothbart dies, the spell will only remain permanent.
    • In the ballet, the spell can only be broken if someone swears to love Odette forever and remains faithful to her. If Siegfried breaks his vow to Odette, she will remain a swan forever. In the Barbie film, the spell can be broken if the releaser of the Magic Crystal "shares a love so true", but if their true love pledges love to someone else, the Magic Crystal will lose its power.
    • In the ballet, Siegfried's mother commands him to dance with six princesses at the ball and to choose one as his bride. Siegfried dances with all six princesses but rejects them because he is in love with Odette. In the Barbie version, Daniel says he is waiting for someone (like he does in Barbie in The Pink Shoes) and while waiting, he dances with his mother.
    • In the ballet, Von Rothbart magically disguises Odile as Odette to fool Siegfried. In the Barbie version, Rothbart enchants Odile's necklace so that when Daniel looks at her, he will see Odette instead.
    • Von Rothbart shows Siegfried a vision of Odette in the grief of his betrayal and he hurries back to her. In the film, Rothbart does not show a vision of Odette to Daniel but rather flies off with Odile. Daniel, however, follows them and fights with Rothbart outside the ballroom. He even tricks him into transforming Odile into a pig.
    • In the ballet, Odette flies back to the lake after Siegfried is tricked into betraying her. In the Barbie version, she loses consciousness outside the castle and is collected by the Fairy Queen, the elves, and Lila.
    • In the Barbie film, Daniel rushes to the Enchanted Forest to aid Odette and the other people. It is then revealed that the Magic Crystal has not lost its powers, and true love wins. Rothbart is defeated, all his magic is undone, and everyone lives happily ever after. The ballet, however, ends very differently. Because of Siegfried's betrayal, Rothbart's spell is permanent, and Odette chooses to drown herself in the lake rather than live as a swan forever. Siegfried returns to the lake, finds Odette, and makes a passionate apology. She forgives him, and the pair reaffirm their love, but Von Rothbart appears and insists that Siegfried fulfill his pledge to marry Odile, after which Odette will be transformed into a swan forever. However, Siegfried chooses to die alongside Odette, and they leap into the lake. Their sacrifice destroys Von Rothbart, and he dies. As the sun rises, the swan maidens, who are now free from the spell, watch as Siegfried and Odette ascend into the Heavens together, united in eternal love.


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