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Princess Hadley is a character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is the eighth daughter of King Randolph and the late Queen Isabella's daughters, and she has a twin named Isla. They are so similar that they sometimes finish each other's sentences.

Official Description

"Hello! I'm Hadley! Guess what — I can walk on stilts! My best friend, Isla, and I love doing fun stuff like that!"

  • Fave gem: Topaz
  • Fave flower: Narcissus


Hadley and her identical twin sister Isla are shown in the movie as two sporty girls who likes to walk on stilts. Because they are twins, they are especially close to one another and even finish each other's sentences. Hadley loves to dance like all of her sisters.

Physical Appearance

  • Hadley's Regular Gown
  • Hadley's Nightgown
  • Hadley's Ballet Gown
  • Hadley's Grey Gown

Hadley has blonde hair and light teal eyes. Most of the time, Hadley has a high ponytail hairdo. She has a narcissia flower on her dress' belt. 



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