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Princess Genevieve is the main protagonist in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. She is one of King Randolph's and the late Queen Isabella's twelve daughters. Genevieve loves her family, and, like her sisters, she loves to dance. She is played by Barbie and voiced by Kelly Sheridan.


Genevieve and her eleven sisters: Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey live in a castle with their widowed father, King Randolph. When their father's evil cousin, Duchess Rowena, arrives at their home and tries to take over the kingdom by killing King Randolph, Genevieve, her sisters, and Derek, the royal cobbler, work together to defeat her.


Genevieve is a fearless, hopeful girl, whom her youngest sister Lacey admires. The two of them share a special relationship, because Genevieve takes risks to help Lacey out. She always tells Lacey, "There is a difference, only (she) can make." Genevieve has high logic and strategy skills, seeing she can beat her father at chess, and out of all her sisters, she is the best dancer. However, one of Genevieve's flaws is that she is often late. When the other princesses mention Genevieve's romantic feelings towards Derek, the royal cobbler, she is quick to deny them and gets shy, but their feelings grew stronger for each other and they fall in love and get married at the end of the film.

Physical Appearance

Genevieve has light skin, deep blue almost violet eyes, and long blonde hair. It is styled differently from her other sisters. Her hair is braided. It is tied with two dark pink bands and a bow at the top. When dancing in the pavilion on the 2nd and 3rd night, her hair is put up like her other sisters. She also wears glossy pink lipstick and white eye shadow.

Her casual gown is a dark pink and white gown. The top of the dress is white, while the rest is dark pink. In the beginning, the top part has a pink rose flower and some decorations. Her nightgown is simple. It is long and white, with puffy shoulders.

Her ballet dress is the same as her casual gown, but it is shorter and tutu-like. The gowns that Duchess Rowena gave to all the princesses are gray and simple. They have the same design as Genevieve's casual dress, but without decorations and details.

Her wedding gown is white and long, with medium-long sleeves with sparkly net material over it and a light pink underskirt. Her hairstyle is down and wavy, reusing Anneliese's hairstyle.


  • "I don't care if he is a prince, a king or an emperor."
  • "Don't be ridiculous. Besides he never notices me. If I were paying attention which I'm not."
  • "If Papa knew what Rowena was really like, he'd change his mind."
  • "You probably don't remember but mother always told us 'big or small, there's a difference only you can make.'"
  • "When we turned 5, mother gave each of us a copy of her favorite story."
  • "It's just like mother's dance pavilion. I wish I had some music."
  • "It's about Rowena. She's changing everything, and she wants us to do everything her way, (to Papa) but we were fine before."


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