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Princess Catania is the deuteragonist in Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. She is the princess of Shimmervale and the daughter of King Regellius. She has a fear of flying on her own, so she has a pet pegasus, Sylvie, to carry her.


Eight years before Mariposa arrived in Shimmervale, Gwyllion, an evil fairy once asked for a Crystallite, but since King Regellius refused to give it to her, she captured his daughter Catania who was 8 years old at the time and pushed her down a cliff, making her fall to the ground. From that day on, she refused to fly again because her wings had been broken.

After Mariposa becomes the Royal Historian of Flutterfield, she is sent as an ambassador to Shimmervale to make peace with the Crystal Fairies. While Talayla gives Mariposa a tour, she hears someone greet her. Talayla doesn't know who it was and she hadn't heard anyone, so she keeps flying, thinking Mariposa and Zee are following her. Mariposa meets Catania, but they don't get to talk much, because Catania is ordered to stay away from the windows by King Regellius. Sometime before the Crystal Ball, Catania redecorates Mariposa's room with the help of Anu. Mariposa loves it. Catania takes her to her favorite reading area, and shows her the Heartstone, "the most important crystallite in all the land."

When Mariposa mentions GlowWater Falls, Catania says she hadn't been there in years. Mariposa suggests going there, but at first, Catania refuses, saying that they need time to get ready for the Crystal Ball.

There, Catania shows Mariposa an even more amazing sight: behind the GlowWater Falls. Large pink and blue crystallites stand there. Catania also shows Mariposa the rainbow rocks. They skip them over the water. Afterward, Catania tells her once again she's missed the place. Mariposa asks her why she hadn't been there for so long. Catania opens up to her, telling her what happened 8 years earlier when she was 8 years old. After the flashback, Catania gives Mariposa a Crystallite necklace as a gift, and at first, Mariposa refuses it. Mariposa also gives Catania the Flutter Flower.

At the Crystal Ball, they dance on the floor. Everyone else dances along down there, and at the end of the dance, one of them notices Mariposa is wearing a Crystallite necklace, and another implies she must have stolen it. King Regellius is angered, and although Catania says she gave it to Mariposa, he orders Mariposa to leave. Catania is mad at him and flies off on Sylvie, with Anu following.

Near the end of the film, Catania and Mariposa work together to stop Gwyllion, who wants to steal Crystallites that power Shimmervale. After Gwyllion became weak and defeated because her staff was broken, King Regellius wants to punish her eternally, but Catania stops him by reminding him what caused this war, and she says Gwyllion had no right to destroy them, but destroying her wasn't right either because of what they did. So Catania gave her a Crystallite, and this shocked Gwyllion because she had caused so much harm. Catania said that she forgives Gwyllion and sets her free. Because of this, Gwyllion's heart became soft, and suddenly her dress became white, and she looked like a kind old woman. Gwyllion left. King Regellius said that he is proud of his daughter, Catania. The next scene shows. Catania appears at a party held in Flutterfield, and Mariposa shows Willa and Prince Carlos how to fold their wings into a gown, and they all laugh. Catania, Willa, and Lord Gastrous dance happily together.


She loves to daydream and read books, just like Mariposa. Catania is a shy, kind, curious, and friendly girl towards Mariposa, unlike King Regellius. Catania is also open-minded and knowledgeable, as shown where she redecorates Mariposa's room according to Butterfly Fairy's real taste, which she knows because she had read the history on them before Mariposa ever arrived.

At first, Catania is afraid of flying because of the traumatic experience she had when she was 8. But later, when Gwyllion froze Mariposa, she became worried, and suddenly she realized she was flying because her wings were flapping. Since she was now the only one able to stop her, she decided to fly to stop Gwyllion from destroying the Heartstone of Shimmervale.

Physical Appearance[]

Catania has blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and pale skin. She is 16 years old.

First Outfit[]

She wears a purple top, a pink skirt, and light purple shoes. Her hair is in a bun. She also wears a purple crown. Her wings are clear.

Gala Gown[]

Her dress is now strapless.

Outfit she wore when she was 8[]

Catania wore a thick strap purple dress then.

Fourth Outfit[]

She wears a long violet dress and a silver and purple necklace. Her hair is loose with curls. Her wings are now clear. Her purple crown is still the same as the previous outfit.


  • "I believe in Flutterfield, it's actually a term of deep respect. Isn't that right?"
  • "I'm not brave, I'm scared."
  • "You're Mariposa, aren't you? The Butterfly Fairy? I'm Catania. Oh, it must be so terrifying flying across Fairytopia to get here. Were you scared?"
  • "Both my wings were broken. They healed, but... I haven't flown since."
  • "Anu, you're scaring her.


  • Her name means "Fresh, Pure, and Purity."
  • She is 16 years old. She is 8 years old in the incident, and it happened 8 years before.
  • Her favorite book is Flight of Fancy, and it is also Mariposa's favorite.
  • Her final hairstyle is reused with Princess Lumina from Barbie: The Pearl Princess.
  • Her purple and pink dress was reused with the fairies of Zinnia from Barbie and the Secret Door. One of the fairies, Nola, also reused her hairstyle and dress when she was 8 years old.
  • She is the fourth fairy to have a pet puffball. The first fairy is Elina, the second fairy is Glee, and the third fairy is Mariposa.
  • She is the second fairy princess to appear in a Barbie movie. This first is Princess Graciella from Barbie: A Fairy Secret.
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