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Prince Tommy is a character in Barbie as Rapunzel. He is one of King Frederick's five children, and his siblings are Prince Stefan, Princess Katrina, Princess Lorena, and Princess Melody. He is played by Tommy, and voiced by Danny McKinnon.


Tommy is the little brother of Prince Stefan. He also has three sisters, same age with him. He is the best friend of his elder brother Stefan. Tommy likes to train in archery. He makes his first appearance in the film when Stefan is on the way to talk to his father, and he's almost hit by Tommy's arrow.

Tommy also appears in the masquerade ball in honor of his brother's birthday. When Gothel appears in the ball to start the battle, Tommy tries to stop her by shooting her with his bow. Gothel attacks him back, but Stefan saves him.

Physical Appearance

Tommy is a little child with light skin, freckles, blond hair and blue eyes.

Tommy's outfit contains of blue shirt with golden decor and light blue trousers. His masquerade outfit is the same.


Tommy is very fond of his brother Stefan, and is protective over him. He enjoys doing archery.


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