Prince Nicholas is a minor character in Barbie: Princess Charm School. He attends Prince Charming Academy and he is Blair's mutual love interest.


Nicholas goes to Prince Charming Academy for a semester. He first appears in the film when he is supposed to be in a joint dance class with his students from his own school and students from Princess Charm School. However, he is late for the lesson.

Delancy was looking forward to dancing with him, though as her mother wanted to start the class and didn't want Delancy to be left out, she made Blair sit out.

Nicholas causes a commotion when he arrives, as he knocks Blair over while apologizing for being late. He helps her up and the class begins. As Blair and Nicholas dance together, they find each other amusing and start doing a dance routine to an upbeat song. All of the other students start dancing as well, though Delancy and Dame Devin are unimpressed.

Miss Privet tells the students to bow and curtsy to each other as the young men will have to leave, but they will all see each other again at on Coronation Day.

On Coronation Day, Nicholas is crowned and witnesses the princesses and lady royals from Princess Charm School also being crowned. After the revelations of Blair being Princess Sophia, he is unsure what to call her, but she wants him to call her Blair. They dance together and have fun at the Prince Charming Academy and Princess Charm School's joint graduation party.

Appearance and Personality

Nicholas is a young boy blonde hair and blue eyes. When he attended the joint dance class, he preferred to have fun with Blair than focus on the proper dance routine. His school uniform consists of a shiny black unbuttoned blazer with matching trousers and shiny black shoes. His school tie is dark purple and he wears a blue plaid waistcoat. The Prince Charming Academy school crest is blue, and is on his jacket collar. For graduation, his uniform was the same except the tie and waistcoat were pink. He has sense of humor, he is shy and is a gentleman.


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  • "My lady, I am Nicholas, young swain from the east. Most privileged to meet your acquaintance... Think that was polite enough?"
  • "Congratulations, Princess...uh..."
  • "Wouldst thou do me the honor of a... dance?"
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