For the character from the Barbie and the Rockers movies, see Derek (Barbie and the Rockers).

Prince Derek is a character in Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses. He was the royal shoe cobbler, and he harbored romantic feelings for Princess Genevieve. He is voiced by Shawn Macdonald.

Physical Appearance

Derek has light skin, blue eyes, and short, brown hair. He wears a black top, brown pants and black boots.


Derek is a pleasant person with a sense of humor, but, before he and Genevieve got together, he was shy and awkward around her. He is a courageous man.


When Derek arrives at the castle, the princesses rush to meet him and receive their new ballet shoes. When Derek, awkwardly, gives the new shoes to Genevieve and she starts to dance, it becomes clear that Derek is in love with her, but he can't say it to Genevieve. By Genevieve's request, Derek finds the apothecary and asks him about Rowena. He gives the apothecary his horse, instead of his bird for Queen Isabella's silver goblet. After, he sneaks into the princesses' bedroom and discovers magical stones. He finds princesses in the pavilion and tells to them Rowena's plan.

When Desmond breaks magical stones, golden pollen tells them to escape from the pavilion. Fallon, the most romantic princess, says that Genevieve and Derek should dance together. It helps, and the princesses return into their castle. In the King's apartment, Derek helps Genevieve to defeat the knights, resurrected by Rowena's wish. Genevieve and her sisters appear in the castle's garden at the end of the film, and King Randolph leads Genevieve to the altar; Derek and Genevieve are getting married. Derek takes her hand, and the family all dance in the garden as Derek became a prince and a member of the family.


  • He is the first character that has a talking parrot. The second is Prince Antonio from Barbie as The Island Princesshowever, he doesn't speak.
  • Derek's favorite gem is the jasper.
  • Derek's favorite flower is the magnolia.
  • Derek's favorite food is chili dog.


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