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"Prince Carlos is the queen's book-loving son. And he decides MariposaTM is the one. He gives her a map, and a journey is planned. The fate of FlutterfieldTM now lies in her hands!"
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Prince Carlos is a character in Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends and Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. He is voiced by Alessandro Juliani and he is Queen Marabella's book-loving son and Mariposa's love interest.


Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends[]

Prince Carlos is like Mariposa because they both don't enjoy parties, but instead, he loves reading and dreaming about going to different places beyond the safe borders of Flutterfield. At first when he bumps into Mariposa, he gives her the book that she dropped and they both realize that they have the same book. He has read it nine times and Mariposa had read it ten times. Prince Carlos was not allowed out in public, so Mariposa didn't know he was the prince. He told her his name was Andreas, the name of the character in the book they read.

He revealed his true identity when he asked her to save his mother. Later, the guards keep him in prison to protect him and do not believe in him when Prince Carlos tells them that Queen Marabella has been poisoned by Ilios, because Ilios is not thought to exist.

Carlos is able to prove himself right when Willa set him free from the prison and followed Henna to her secret hideout. The prince appeared again by helping defend the first line by throwing some glowing Thistleburst at the Skeezites. After Mariposa successfully healed the Queen, Prince Carlos attended the crown ceremony of Mariposa and her friends. 

Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess[]

Prince Carlos appears with his mother and Lord Gastrous when Mariposa explains her knowledge about Shimmervale. After Mariposa finished explaining the kingdom of Shimmervale, he said to his mother "See mother. I told you she would be the perfect choice". But Lord Gastrous interrupts and claimed Mariposa hasn't said everything like that butterfly fairies and crystal fairies are enemies and how rude and mean those fairies are.

However, Mariposa proves that those fairytales are not true because they are not facts. They are just myths and she stated the true information about the Crystal fairies is in the history book of Butterfly and Crystal Fairies. This made Queen Marabella make up her mind and she appointed Mariposa as the Royal Ambassador to Shimmervale which shocked and startled Mariposa. She declined the Queen's offer.

Prince Carlos finds Mariposa in her usual spot. He asks why Mariposa doesn't accept the offer and Mariposa said she is not Ambassador material. He denies it and says Mariposa is the smartest fairy he knows and he says she has read every book on Shimmervale.

Mariposa still look downs on herself and she is afraid to make mistakes or make things worse for the Crystal fairies. Still he believes in Mariposa. He said she won't make things worse and that all of the Butterfly Fairies believe in her and he gives her a tip that you need to be a friend to have a friend. And he suddenly remembers something and he takes out a glowing crystal ball with a Flutter Flower and tells Mariposa if she is in doubt, to take it out and it would remind her of Flutterfield.

While Mariposa was in Shimmervale, he helped Willa with her library duties that she had to perform for Mariposa since she was gone. He is first seen holding boxes of shipping books. When Willa accidently bumps into Carlos, he fell to the floor. Willa says good morning to Carlos which Carlos corrects because "It's afternoon actually." and Willa realizes how late she is. She abruptly said she overslept and dropped by the bakery to buy pastries and she offers Prince Carlos breakfast, but he said it's lunch time and Willa replies "no breakfast for you then".

Next, he is seen painting a tapestry of his mother and proudly said that two years of art school was not wasted and his mother is wrong. When Willa brings the tour people, one of them accidentally spills an ice cream sundae on the tapestry, ruining it.

After Carlos finishes arranging the library books, he asked Willa about reading to the elderly. Willa in return asked him the same thing. And both of them realize it is not done yet and quickly rush to the elderly but end up crashing into boxes on the floor.

He appeared again with Willa, Mariposa, Princess Catania and Talayla. Mariposa and Catania show them how to flip their wings and all of them laugh together. Catania and Talayla leave Mariposa and Prince Carlos alone while Willa is being chased by the tour people for a refund because of the poor tour she gave.

Prince Carlos compliments on how amazed he is on Mariposa's good. Mariposa thanks him and said she couldn't do it without the Flutter Flower. Then as the music started to play, Carlos appeared and asked Mariposa to dance with him which Mariposa agreed.


Prince Carlos is caring, loving, supportive, brave, and adventurous. He is seen supporting and encouraging Mariposa in both the films. He might have a crush on Mariposa, because both of them are kind of alike, because they dislike parties, and they love books.

Physical Appearance[]

Carlos has brown hair and blue green eyes. He has blue green wings. His attire consisted of a blue-green tunic with white lacing and intricate lining. He has dark blue-green pants, and boots.


  • Willa told me I would find you here.
  • Why don't you want to go to Shimmervale?
  • You won't. We all believe in you. Just be yourself. And remember: The best way to have a friend is to be a friend.
  • Oh, I almost forgot. My mother asked me to give this to you.
  • It's a Flutterflower. It's made from the most precious magic of Flutterfield. Whenever you have doubts, just take it out, and it will remind you of us.
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