Phillipe Cheynet, also known as Monsieur Phillipe, is the main antagonist in Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. Phillipe is the younger brother of Etienne Cheynet and the son of Bridgette Cheynet. He is voiced by Peter Kelamis.

As the master rider of École Montagne, he looked for the majestique breed of horses, although he claimed that they were just a fairy tale. After finding part of a majestique's hair on a nail, he set on a search for them.

After he saw Barbie riding Majesty, he presumably gave his mom the idea of selling Alpine Academy so that he could have all the time in the world to find them. However, Alpine won two of the four events of the tournament, resulting them in being tied with Alpine. On the night before the big race (during the ball), he unlocked Alpine Academy's stalls, allowing the horses inside to flee when Chelsea tries to get on one of them.

During the final race, he cheated, beating his horse to make it go faster and stopping other horses from going on by sabotaging them. For example, he used his stick to hit other horses and stabbed a horse with a "saw" at the bottom of his boot, causing the horse to get out of the race. When Majesty and Barbie caught up with him, he cut Barbie's saddle with the saw on his boot, causing her to fall off of Majestique. However, in the end, Barbie caught back up and defeated Philippe after he was thrown from his horse after several attempts to beat his horse to go faster. When he protested against Alpine winning the trophy, after arguing with Etienne, Brigitte Cheynet, his mom, sent him to his room grounded.

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