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"A sweet and spirited little girl who lives in the Gingerbread Village."
– Official website

Peppermint Girl is a character from Barbie in the Nutcracker. She is first seen in the destroyed Gingerbread Village with the Gingerbread Boy when Clara and the Nutcracker arrive in Parthenia.


The Peppermint Girl, whose real name is never mentioned, encounters Clara and the Nutcracker when they enter the ruined Gingerbread Village. The Peppermint Girl and the Gingerbread Boy, are the only citizens still living there. It seems that they are high-up, judging by their fancy outfits. They went out to gather berries with Marzipan, only to find the village abandoned on their return. Clara and the Nutcracker take her and the Gingerbread Boy with them on their search for the Sugar Plum Princess, but both children are left behind when the older characters want them to stay safe. They are left with the locals and Masha in the Treetop Village and later travel to the Palace of Sweets to help Clara and the other people defeat the Mouse King.

When the Mouse King is defeated and his scepter is smashed, everyone becomes their true selves. Clara becomes the Sugar Plum Princess. The Nutcracker becomes Prince Eric, and all of the stone statues get turned back to life, and Parthenia is back to its normal state. Everyone dances in celebration, with Peppermint Girl and Gingerbread Boy dancing first. Later, after Clara and Eric's dance, the Mouse King returns, now shrunk, and he sat on Pimm's back to swipe Clara's locket. The Peppermint Girl throws a snowball at them both (with help from the young snow fairy), and he is presumably defeated once and for all.


The Peppermint Girl is friendlier than the Gingerbread Boy and is quick to trust people (she automatically trusts Clara after Clara hands the Peppermint Girl her doll, Patty). She also has a knack for ballet dancing and throwing snowballs. Besides using one to get rid of the Mouse King, she and the Gingerbread Boy use them to defend themselves in the Gingerbread Village.

Physical Appearance[]

Peppermint Girl is a small child with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is in a straight ponytail that reaches down her back. Peppermint Girl wears a pink and white striped, glittery hat with a black jewel on the front and white, glittery trim. The hat has a pom-pom on the top in silver/white material. She wears a ruff (circus collar) of white, sheer, ruffled material with a silver edging. Her dress is as follows. The bodice is a striped pink and white, glittery material with a pink band around her waist. Her sleeves are long and white with pink dots. The skirt is pleated and light pink and white. She wears pink and white striped tights and white shoes with a pink flower and a black jewel in the center.


  • Peppermint Girl's doll's name is Patty. This could be a reference to Peppermint Patty, a character in the Peanuts comic strip.
  • Despite having the appearance of Kelly, she wasn't voiced by the same actress.
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