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Penelope is a supporting character in Barbie as Rapunzel. Penelope is best friends with Princess Rapunzel, and good friends with Hobie, who she met when Rapunzel was trapped in a tower by Gothel. Penelope is voiced by Cree Summer.


Penelope is a young dragon who is friends with Rapunzel. She loved watching Rapunzel paint and was always willing to help whether it was cleaning up or helping Rapunzel with her chores. While preparing Gothel's tea, Penelope accidentally sends the tray flying into the air while they save (almost everything), the spoon lands on one of the dragons by the fireplace revealing a secret room. The three friends go down and discover several things including a trunk full of ball invitations, a picture of Gothel with a man whose face is cut out but the one that they are intrigued by is a silver brush. As it turns out, it was given to Rapunzel on her 1st birthday, but this is a shock to the three friends as Gothel told Rapunzel her parents abandoned her when she was a few days old. Hobie blows some dust off a book causing Penelope to sneeze and make a shelf fall. They start cleaning but Gothel calls Rapunzel for her tea so Penelope and Hobie continue without her. While Gothel is resting the three friends explore the cellar more and Rapunzel still wonders why Gothel kept this from her. Hobie pranks Penelope by saying there is a spider which causes her to jump and make a hole in the floor.


Penelope is a nice, funny and clumsy young dragon. She is very helpful and eager to prove her dragon abilities to her friends, her father and herself. Her father, Hugo, finds her lack of flying and fire-breathing skills disappointing because she is meant to be terrifying. Penelope is afraid of any insects, and snakes and spiders, and heights, though later, she carries Rapunzel over the magic wall. Penelope feels as if her father is never happy around her, much to her dismay, and tells Hobie he never smiles around her. However, when her father says she is a real dragon, she becomes more confident in her abilities.

Penelope is polite and supportive of Rapunzel and her artwork, and she can think quickly when she and her friends are in trouble. She is also loyal to Rapunzel and tries to help her whenever she can. Hobie is always more logical and reluctant. Penelope sometimes finds Hobie irritating due to him being sarcastic a lot of the time.

Physical Appearance[]

Penelope is a young dragon, though she finds it hard to fit through human doorways, and she is around Rapunzel's height. Penelope is much smaller than her father. She resembles him in that they are both purple, but the similarities end there. Penelope has much softer features than her father, and her scales are brighter. Penelope has large blue-green eyes and long eyelashes, and small white teeth. Her neck, chest, belly, and the web of her wings are beige, and so are the horns from the top of her head to the end of her tail. Penelope's tail is large, so she accidentally knocks things over with it from time to time. She has long arms and stumpy legs with big feet. She has three big toes on each foot, with sharp beige claws. The inside of her large ears and her palms are pink.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Reflexes: Penelope is able to pick up objects, she knocks over very fast.
  • Fire breath: As a dragon, Penelope can naturally breathe fire, though at first, whenever she tries, her fireballs are small until at last she is able to breathe massive flames.
  • Flying: Penelope is able to fly, but at the beginning of the film, she is scared of heights.
  • Strength: As a dragon, Penelope is incredibly strong, except when she gets stuck in the tower window without any apparent efforts, unless someone would give her a push.


  • "Look at this. I mean, look at this painting! I can smell the salt water! I can taste the mist."
  • "Go, Rapunzel, go! I'll put your art stuff away."
  • "What? You don't think I got moves? 'Cause I got moves!"
  • "Well, scratch my scales!"
  • "Uh, you don't think there are spiders down there, 'c-cause I'm not too fond of spiders, o-o-or beetles or snakes. I don't like them either!"
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