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The party mom is an incidental character in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. She is voiced by Mela Lee. The mom has her kid's party at the stables.


In "When Barbie Met Peggy", the mom has her child's party at the stables. She brings out a large tiered carrot cake. Peggy leaps at the cake and knocks the mom over. She asks Malibu and Brooklyn if Peggy is their "horse." Malibu and Brooklyn feel awkward.

Physical Appearance[]

The mom is a woman with long, dark brunette hair, green eyes and brown skin. She has a black Alice band in her hair. She wears an orange, yellow and white V-neck T-shirt, light denim shorts, and white sneakers.


The mom is cheerful when bringing out the cake. She gets annoyed after Peggy knocks her and the cake over.


  • (To the party kids) "Haha! Who wants cake?"
  • (To Malibu and Brooklyn, about Peggy) "Is this your horse?"