The Owl is a character in Barbie in the Nutcracker. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


When the Mouse King and his soldiers invade Clara's parlor, the small owl's black eyes turn emerald green. She sits atop the grandfather clock until the mice are gone. When they leave, she flies down to Clara, who is now the size of a mouse, and Nutcracker. They are planning to go to Parthenia, where they will find the Sugarplum Princess and the magic ailments inflicted on them can be reversed; Nutcracker will be human again and Clara will be her normal size.

The owl gives Clara a locket from a Christmas tree ornament, and when it is opened, it can return Clara home to her normal size. She would be able to use it at any time. Then the owl goes back up to the grandfather clock and her eyes turn black again. At the end of the film, when Clara gets her locket back from Eric, the owl's eyes glint green again.


  • In the movie she has the same voice actress as Elizabeth Drosselmayer and that could be because In The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, which Barbie in the Nutcracker is based on, Uncle Drosselmayer is turned into an owl. In Barbie in the Nutcracker, the owl has the same voice as Clara's aunt Drosselmayer.
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