For the version of this character in Barbie of Swan Lake, see Odile (Swan Lake).

Odile is a character in Barbie in the Pink Shoes. She is Rothbart's daughter and the magical world counterpart of Tara Pennington. She is voiced by Ali Liebert.


Original Story

In the original ballet, Odile is the wicked enchantress daughter of Von Rothbart, willing to follow in her father's footsteps. When Prince Siegfried and Princess Odette fall in love, Odile assists in her father's plan to trick Siegfried into breaking his vow to Odette

Rothbart uses his magic to disguise her as Odette and they attend a ball at Siegfried's castle, where Siegfried instantly believes Odile is his beloved Odette and dances with her. During the dance, Rothbart whispers to Odile to dance just like Odette and she dances so beautifully that Siegfried is completely beguiled. After the dance, he chooses her as his bride and swears eternal love to her, thinking she is Odette. Triumphant, Rothbart and Odile reveal their trickery and vanish from the ball. However, their victory is short-lived as they are both destroyed when Siegfried and Odette throw themselves into the lake.

Pink Shoes

Odile attends Prince Siegfried's ball disguised as Odette by her father, Rothbart. She begins to dance with Siegfried, but before he can declare his love for her, the real Odette arrives and joins them, confusing Siegfried.

When Odette goes off the choreography, Siegfried realizes who she is and leaves Odile to dance with her instead. Odile begins to cry as her father escorts her out of the room.


  • "How do I look, Daddy?"
  • "I'll get the Prince to fall in love with me...!"
  • "Let's make magic!"
  • "This isn't how it goes."


  • Odile has already been portrayed in Barbie of Swan Lake.
  • In the storybook, Odile has black hair instead of dark brown and green eyes instead of hazel.
  • She is the only counterpart to look exactly like the real world counterpart.
  • She is the only Odile to most resemble one of the Odette's. She does not complain as much as the earlier version of Odile.
  • She is the one who does not covet Odette's crown, wants the prince's attention, and does not have a magic necklace to conceal her identity.
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