For the fairy, see Nori (Secret Door).

Nori is a character from Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia and the deuteragonist of the film. She is voiced by Chiara Zanni. Nori is a mermaid from the underwater kingdom of Mermaidia and was upset when she first met Elina, but later, they became good friends. Later, Nori also admits her true feelings towards her close friend, Prince Nalu, and they start dating.


When Prince Nalu is kidnapped by Laverna's minions, Elina asks Nori for help. They get off to a rough start, with Nori insisting she could do the work herself and being too stubborn to give Elina any information about Mermaidia because she thought Elina and Nalu were in love, which made her jealous of Elina. She even tries to out-swim Elina after Elina got the information from the Merfairies and not her, but Elina still followed her because she said she will help her find Nalu whether she liked it or not, so Elina has no choice but to follow her and let Nori lead the way. Once Nori is snatched by cursed seaweed plants in the depths of despair, Elina gives up her wings to become a mermaid so she can get to the bottom of the depths of despair to save her, because she couldn't get to the bottom with her wings because they aren't as strong as a tail is. After she frees her, Elina is trapped, but Nori helps her and they both swim on for the information.

They become friends and work together to save Nalu. Elina then discovers the reason why Nori was rude to Elina when they first met. It was because Nori had a crush on Nalu and was jealous because she thought Elina and him were in love. Nori also felt insecure because, being a commoner, she believed that she would never really have a chance of being with Nalu. Elina reassured Nori that she had a chance, and Elina forgave Nori. When Nalu was saved, the Fungus threw the toxin into the lake. Elina saved it, but she wasn't out of the water in time to get her wings back. This meant she would be a mermaid forever. Seeing Elina was upset, Nori gave Elina the true-self berry, and she got her wings back. Nalu told Nori that they now could go back to what they were supposed to be doing together, placing her hand in his, and Nori was surprised because she thought Elina and Nalu were in love. Elina told her that Nalu was only her friend, and after implying that Nori liked Nalu, he was surprised and expressed that he had feelings for her too, despite her commoner status.


At times in the film, Nori can be very tempered. She can be jealous, pushy, rude, stubborn, and sneaky. But once she and Elina become friends, Nori's personality changes drastically. She showed the other side of her nature: helpful, kind, and daring. Overall, she is a very sneaky and opportunistic person.

Physical Appearance

Nori has light blue braided hair, deep blue eyes, and light skin. She has a light blue mermaid outfit with a blue choker, and she has a light blue tail with blue designs. On her left arm is the crest of courage which is blue. Elina's is pink. They had both gained these as rewards for making it to the bottom of the depths of despair.




  • "Nori" is the Japanese word for "seaweed".
  • Nori shares the name with Nori, a fairy from Barbie and the Secret Door.
  • Despite being a commoner, Nori was Prince Nalu's close friend.
  • Nori's face is very similar to Barbie's old face mold.


  • "I know you're here, Nalu. Don't make me come out and find you."
  • "You're beautiful, but not that beautiful."
  • "Nice flying."
  • "Elina! Help!"
  • "We are not.. MFEO?"
  • "Would that be so bad? You’d be you, smart and brave and everything that makes you special."
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