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Nicole "Nikki" Watkins is a character in the series Barbie: It Takes Two. She is voiced by Desirae Whitfield.


Pre-It Takes Two[]

Nikki appeared Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie Princess Adventure, and Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams.

It Takes Two[]

In "Two Stars Are Born", Nikki appears in Malibu's nightmare.

In "Cupid Shuffle", Malibu video calls Nikki, Teresa, Renee and Daisy. They usually go to the Golden Beach High Spring Dance as a group and dance all night, so Malibu is surprised that Daisy and the others want boycott it this year because everyone is going in couples. None of them have dates so Nikki refuses to go. Malibu mentions that she got a letter from Ken and Brooklyn considers it to be a love letter. Nikki says it's exciting and Renee says they've been waiting for this forever. After the conversation, Teresa feels like love between friends isn't celebrated the same way romantic love is. Nikki and her friends decide to go to the dance as a group since Malibu reminded them that love comes in different forms.

Physical Appearance[]

Nikki is an African-American teenage girl with dark brunette hair, brown skin and brown eyes. Her hair is braided into two buns, and she wears small hoop earrings.