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Navya is a character in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts! She is voiced by Archana Rajan. Navya goes to Golden Beach High with her best friends Skipper and Chantal.


In "Close-Knit Friendship", Skipper gets an alert on Babysitters Inc and suggests that Navya and Chantal babysit with her. They think it will be fun but they struggle while babysitting triplets. Navya and Chantal talk behind Skipper's back because they feel like nothing they did to help was good enough for Skipper. Skipper finds out they were talking behind her back, so they leave. After getting advice from Barbie, Skipper reconciles with her friends and they apologize to each other. Skipper suggests that Navya be in charge of PR and getting new customers, while Chantal can handle the calendar and scheduling. They both agree and the next time the three of them babysit together, it goes well.

Physical Appearance[]

Navya is a teenage girl with straight brunette hair, hazel eyes and light brown skin. She has her hair parted to the side and it is in a low ponytail with a purple hairband. Navya wears a sleeveless light gray top that has large purple roses with green leaves printed on it, a dark denim skirt, and purple slip on shoes with white soles.


Navya is good with people so Skipper asks her to be in charge of PR for Babysitters Inc. Navya enjoys listening to music with her friends. She finds it exciting to go to a silent dance party and to babysit for the first time with her friends. Navya loves kids, so she is confident about babysitting with her friends and tries to be helpful. She is close with Chantal and Skipper, and they work well as a team when they play to their strengths. After falling out with Skipper, Navya and Chantal are apologetic and it ultimately makes their friendship stronger.


  • The doll version of Navya has wavy hair that is worn down rather than in a ponytail.
  • Navya says she is used to babies because there is always at least one around since she has a "huge" family.
  • Navya is an Indian name.[1]
  • Navya's voice actress, Archana Rajan, is the sister of Ken's voice actor Ritesh Rajan.[2]