Myron is the main antagonist in Barbie Presents Thumbelina. He is voiced by Louis Chirillo. He is a contractor, and his workers, Louie, Rick and Carla, try to destroy the Twillerbees field so Evan and Vanessa can build a factory. Makena, the daughter of Evan and Vanessa, meets a Twillerbee named Thumbelina, and, after they become friends, Makena, Thumbelina and her parents stop Myron from destroying the field.


A rich couple, Evan and Vanessa, want to build a factory, so they hire Myron and his workers to clear a field. However, the field is home to Twillerbees, small creatures who live in magical harmony with nature. While Myron and his workers begin their work, Makena, Evan and Vanessa's daughter, wants a flower patch for her bedroom. Thumbelina, Chrysella, and Janessa, three Twillerbees, are picked up by a construction machine when the flower patch is moved.

Thumbelina helps her friends to escape once they are brought to Makena's room, and she tells Makena to help her stop the work Myron is doing. Makena was careless about what Myron was doing at first, but, after becoming friends with Thumbelina, she became passionate about stopping Myron from clearing the field. Makena shows her parents the Twillerbees and they too want to stop Myron's construction work.

Myron wanted to finish the construction work even when Thumbelina's friends scared away his workers. Evan and Vanessa stop the construction and Myron is chased away by birds trying to help Thumbelina. Evan and Vanessa turn the field into a nature reserve park so no one like Myron can harm it again.

Physical Appearance

Myron is a stout man with short brown hair. She wore a dark green jacket with khaki cargo pants and brown boots. Atop his head is an orange construction helmet.


Myron is a construction worker who hates nature.


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